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  1. Glad to see you put in app. Hmu on rocket leauge if u ever see me on
  2. Welcome and glad to see you join i run rocket leauge along side vVv Minjaa if u have any questions feel free to ask make sure to join the discord if u havent already to talk with all of our members and applicants
  3. Nice to see you put in a application hitt me up in the discord if u wana play gears
  4. Hell yea welcome everything is now switch over to our discord hitt me up if I'd like to play
  5. Keep doing what your doing and you will get your V's soon enough
  6. Welcome stay active and if u have questions feel free to ask
  7. About time man. Awesome guy to play with and keeps the party laughing until you log off. Amazing gears player and great guy in general make sure to stay active in discord
  8. Love this guy a lot very very smart gears player and has already brought value to this community keep up the good work an keep staying active in the discord you will get them V's soon enough
  9. Hello and welcome feel free to ask anyone if you have questions be sure to stay active on discord
  10. Welcome back (all roads leads back to vVv!!!) Were currently trying to rebuild to RB6 channel and bring more players in. Hmu if you ever wana play.
  11. I vote A because the logo ment something back in the day and still to me it always will history will repeat itself
  12. Good luck on your application just hitt anyone of us if u have any questions. And welcome
  13. Sent you a dm
  14. Rocket leauge tourney May 9th @6pm est 1v1 32 spots available 1st place. $25 cash plus vVv T-shirt (another item to be announced later) 2nd place $10 cash 3rd 1 random black market item on rocket leauge RULES 1. Random map list 2. All cars allowed 3. 1st to 5 or who has most points by end of timer 4. No profanity in global chat (will be streaming) 5. Must be apart of the discord to compete 6. Must sign up by May 9th @5pm est 7. Check in 15min prior to start of tournament vVv will be accepting donations during this event but are not required all proceedings will be going towards St. Judes charity. Dm me for more info HOW TO SIGN UP Dm vVv Viruss on discord to sign up or notify me on here!!!!! Thankyou to vVv Minjaa for Co-hosting this with me I hope everyone has fun an enjoy. There will be more to announce after the tourney!!!!!! If you have any questions plzz feel free to msg me at anytime I will get back to everyone as soon as possible
  15. Update : very active always playing gears he stays active in discord and always looking for a group to play with as well

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