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  1. The time is almost here I'll be on from the time it starts till Sunday night
  2. Good luck on your app stay active an feel free to add me. If you have any questions please feel free to ask
  3. Time is counting down let's get it
  4. Goodluck and stay active and I'm usually on bo4 rocket league or gears 4
  5. Good luck on your application stay active and ask questions if needed
  6. They was about 6 months ago unless there company is getting more popular
  7. There pretty good about the same as scuff your just not paying for the scuff name
  8. Glad to see you applying stay active an chat with others
  9. Good luck just stay active
  10. 2 days before my birthday seems good enough for me
  11. vVv Next

    Virus's Application

    I'm out of town until after memorial day helping out recruiters so won't be on Xbox until after then
  12. vVv Next

    Virus's Application

    I'm ready now If you can I got about 2hrs before I gotta head out

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