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  1. Done with vVv Later peeps.

  2. HalfWhip

    HalfWhip app

    Had to take time to rewrite this post, the grammar mistake's prior ruined this. Anyways to the point, my name in leage is now YeSeY. Also haven't been on mumble due to my computer breaking, so should be back on mumble in like 3-5 weeks when my new computer is finished.
  4. Lol hotshot only guy who benches all his good member's to take their role.
  5. The way I see it DFG nerf isn't the biggest disappointment in 2012 so eh it isn't helping or ruining the game for me. I already decided to stop spending money on the game so the changes they make from here on out are a major shot of not affecting my ability in liking the game any more. Their game I am no longer spending money on it so I have no right to complain.
  6. HalfWhip

    HalfWhip app

    That's mostly about 1v1 if I remember correctly, I am more of a team player than a 1v1er xD EDIT: Namechanged on league will tell name to people if needed.
  7. Welcome to the forums nice to see new people around.
  8. I already plan to do all of this and more.
  9. HalfWhip

    HalfWhip app

    I was on early morning yesterday only other person around was jigg lol.
  10. I thought about all of this beforehand as well. The thing is I am the kind of person who doesn't want to take up the time of others to severely so anyone who can point out my mistakes in like maybe 2-3 game's would be what I am looking for. I agree though if I wanted it to go by extremely quick I could always start looking for a coach, but most people qualified for that are working to help that aspire thing wouldn't want to take too much of their time. EDIT: Another reason I am not asking for a coach is that currently I am fired and have most of the day to myself since everyone does online apps nowa days anyway.
  11. This is true but it isn't so much a coach I am looking for, I am simply asking for someone to kindly play just one game with me so they may then point out my flaw's I am not looking for in depth teaching since I believe I may be able to teach it myself after I have someone tell me what I am doing wrong.
  12. HalfWhip

    HalfWhip app

    I plan to bump it again just saying.
  13. So I have decided to aim my goal very high, I am a solo top player as I have said many time's. I play most solo top's my favorite three being Yorick, jarvan, and probably rumble. I am posting on here as a means of asking for some form of help, I wish to get better at the game this past year has been a steady decline for me I have gotten worse at the game due to having no one to criticize me or tell me what I am doing wrong as it seem's self teaching has now become insufficient for me I am looking for someone exceptionally good to play maybe one game with me and to then tell me what I was doing wrong being as honest as possible as the last bit of help I had was way to nice and never pointed out my mistakes.
  14. HalfWhip

    HalfWhip app

    More than likely here within the next 2-3 days I should be able to get back on mumble. Depends more on my family/how busy it has been lately and may be but I should definitely be done in 1-2 days been hardcore working so I can buy dem holloween skin's that are coming out soon.

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