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  1. Jerry, as the coach I encouraged my students to ask me as many questions as possible, to play as many games as possible. For example, one of my assignments was to play AT LEAST 10 games a day, cheese or macro, and send me replays of losses for analysis and discussion. Nobody could do that. It is not a huge time investment. I spend time discussing strategies with them, discussing replays and problems. I may not have attended the aspire team practices, but hey, let's think about it from my point of view for once. Aspire practices are held twice a week at 3 AM my time. I am a student and I have classes to attend. Even if we ignore that, I dont get paid for my services, I am doing it entirely on my own free will. I push them so hard, it disappoints me how the progress is so slow. Why? Because it makes me depressed that as their teacher I cannot help them. They are still stuck despite my efforts. Given that it is only 2 months, with a coach, they should've progressed much more. If I had a free coach willing to teach me, do you know how much I would improve? Instead of spending countless hours watching streams, replays, and VOD, the information i'm looking for is revealed to me in less than 1 hour. that's the whole point, to speed up the learning progress, instead, the improvement rate is the same as one laddering on their own with no help. Let's not talk about MY contributions to aspire. What did they give me ? Can you answer? During our interview I told you I wanted practice partners. Where are they? What are my benefits of being on the SC2 team for vVv? Your assumption that I am running away before understanding all the facts is questionable. We can mumble anytime.
  2. BT I am not upset losing team leagues vs top GM players, and as you know I played vs them and got roflstomped as well. My expectations may seem ridiculous, but it's what drives me to become a more powerful opponent.
  3. My belief is that in order to progress you need to be pressured and given a time limit, or there will be consequences. Of course, it gives the players an uncomfortable environment, but a skillful one as well. I believe this will lead to high level competition. vVv focuses on developing players. Originally I was able to accept that, however as time passed, it was not enough for me. It is still growing, from the very beginning. Though I would love to be part in that process, it has no benefits for me. At this point I decided I want a home that is already established and running, and containing competitive high level players. Attitude is the most important for gaming, as I believe we are all equally capable of high level play. If you lose a game, your attitude should be "I'm going to figure out how to beat this guy and show him who's boss!" Not "I can't beat him he's just too good" and then whine about imbalance. Note: it is one thing to say it, it is another thing to actually do it. The biggest difference between a high level player and a low one? Their attitude. Hard work and committment gets you to high level play, TALENT is what pushes you beyond that.
  4. Hey everyone, It's been a blast hanging out with all the SC2 members on vVv, especially Aspire members. These months I've grown to know many new people, and experience and participate in the team leagues. Through coaching, I've made several deep connections with other players. However, as time passed, I began to realize my views regarding gaming were vastly different than vVv's, and I'm sorry to say that after 2 weeks of consideration, I have decided to I need to find a home that shares my ideals and principles. Thanks for everyone for a great time and again I apologize especially to BabyToss for this decision, as she has helped me the most. I will drop by every now and then. Coaching is still available so feel free to msg me for lessons Live long and prosper! Kyle "HyunA" Sun
  5. good write up BT it should clear everything.
  6. Certainly seems like a good initiative. Maybe we can get the members to play vs each aspire member? That way the aspires get even more practice.
  7. We should do this more often. I actually learned a lot from this experience (much more than laddering 50 games). Everyone keep practicing we'll have good results soon!
  8. gogo glon ! keep up the hard work
  9. i'll miss my customized backgrounds
  10. I am lazy too ToXSiK but I keep encountering these people on ladder it's annoying the hell out of me. Frankly I can't remember all their names xD so I just posted here incase you guys will meet them or if you guys want to add to the post

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