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    CRUXIAL reacted to Guttzu in Live Tournament Streaming Memser POV!   
    I'd like to let everyone know who are interested that I'll be streaming our live tournament play Tuesday 8-12, Wed 8-12, Thurs 8-12 and Saturday 10-4 all this is mountain time. This will be from a mesmer point of view.

    Twitch channel: http://www.justin.tv/vvvguttzu
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    CRUXIAL reacted to DBittencourt in Improving Performance in WvW   
    Cruxial, Nice post. I think this has a lot of value to it.

    Just one thing to add up. We should make clear to whom should the report be made and also, who will coordinate the WvW at the time. As we have many players just poping by, or maybe not being able to play for a longer period. This should be made clear somehow before any WvW session.

    Or else we will may be receiving lots of info on a unorganized manner....
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    CRUXIAL got a reaction from DBittencourt in Improving Performance in WvW   
    I feel as if I have a lot to say on this topic. I will continue to brainstorm and add onto this, and I encourage you to contribute what you've seen. I am attempting to adapt modern military concepts into GW2.

    I’m writing this section because after participtaing in WvW, there needs to be a better exchange of information between subordinates and leaders. The importance of timely, accurate reporting cannot be stressed enough in both small and large scale operations. A good leader listens to his soldiers and their observations and acts upon them in good faith. In a time sensitive engagement, the leader has to make snap decisions based upon that information. Thus, a standard and concise way of reporting up information is a requirement. Report facts FIRST and then add any speculation afterwards. A leader will ask for more details if he needs more substance to paint a picture of how the enemy is arrayed on the battlefield.

    Enter the “SALT-R” report.
    SIZE: (number/type of enemy)
    ACTIVITY: (what the enemy is doing)
    LOCATION: (where the enemy is observed)
    TIME: (how long ago it was observed, or if it’s currently happening)
    -REMARKS: (your speculation)

    Once you use a SALT-R report it becomes second nature. Do it.

    Once reporting has been mastered, this segways into my next topic of discussion that is extremely important: Recon. There is a lot that we can determine from viewing the map of the borderlands areas, but sometimes we will need to find out information that can’t be seen on the map, e.g. the location of enemy artillery, if a supply depot has defenders or not, etc. The two requirements for a recon patrol is to obtain the commander’s required information and to avoid enemy detection. This can best be accomplished with two players in my opinion. Two sets of eyes is always better than one on a recon because one person might see something the other doesn’t and vice versa. Also, one may have to bait or kite enemies in the case of detection, allowing his battle buddy to continue on and complete the recon. It’s important to avoid detection because if an enemy knows he is being observed, he may move, change his plans, or increase his security measures. Move no closer than necessary and use any stealth abilities you have at your disposal.

    In conclusion, I feel that if we can master reporting and employ effective recon, we will be able to increase our combat effectiveness greatly.
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    CRUXIAL reacted to Beegio in Massive thank you to all the new applicants   
    Had a great time last night with you guys in Mumble...when the dust settles, and people get accustomed to this game, and the servers stay up, it'll be even more fun when we are physically able to group up and get stuff done. I can tell already that this is going to be an epic gaming experience. Skippy, a.k.a DOOSHBAG, kept me rolling last night!!

    Me:"What's your name, so I can send you a group invite?"

    Skippy: "DOOSHBAG" <----(In a deep Staten Island Accent)

    Me: "Why'd you call me that?"

    Skippy: "No, that's my name...D-O-O-S-H-B-A-G"

    vVv Mumble: LULZ
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    CRUXIAL got a reaction from Monsta (ex vVv) in GW2 Gamertag Thread (sticky?)   
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    CRUXIAL reacted to Monsta (ex vVv) in GW2 Gamertag Thread (sticky?)   
    wow thx for adding me without me posting
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    CRUXIAL got a reaction from Monsta (ex vVv) in GW2 Gamertag Thread (sticky?)   
    Post here and I will edit the thread to reflect your GW2 Gamertag. (I'm all about consolidation)

    vVv Exodus - Exodus.4713
    vVv Seiryss - Anna.5470
    vVv Sleepy - SleepyTigerz.7064
    vVv Cruxial - Cruxial.3870
    vVv Valius - Tichorum.2415
    vVv Defyiant - deFyiAnt.8467
    vVv Guttzu - Guttzu.7065

    MonstaReapa - Monsta.2904
    Depetrify - Depetrify.7241
    Rhaza - RhazZueShaka.7915
    Slashiroth - Reaver.8352
    Dreamtheory - Dreamin.8750
    Bittencourt - Bittencourt.1829
    Gabriel - Gabriel.8036

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    CRUXIAL reacted to Fearless (ex vVv) in Just a free tourney match from the 21 August Stress Test   
    Fun game

    I'll post my PoV of the match.
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    CRUXIAL reacted to Defyiant in Just a free tourney match from the 21 August Stress Test   
    GG Cruxial show these guys how the guardian do keep it up dude
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    CRUXIAL reacted to Seiryss in Just a free tourney match from the 21 August Stress Test   
    Nice video Cruxial! And don't worry about that ramp at keep, I've derped out a few times on the steps by Foefire graveyard... -__-
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    CRUXIAL got a reaction from Fearless (ex vVv) in Stress Test! Tues (8/21)   
    Fearless, I will be around for this today.
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    CRUXIAL got a reaction from vVv Pherzghul in Flash Cards/"Game" To Learning Effects Icons   
    Check it out. Try to do it without mousing over the effects!
    Edit: Ensure that you click Options and turn on "Popover descriptions on buttons". That way, you can read the tooltip for the effects if you don't know exactly what some of them do.


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