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    2 Week Staycation

    College first, then military. I'm going to say, "trust me" and you might blow it off, but seriously...trust me.
  2. I won't be there Sunday night. As a member of the Cortinian Army, I will be defending a rocket storage/launch facility located within a small town from an American infantry company. :(
  3. Hope you didn't sign a 2062 for that unissued gummybear...accountable item.

    ss entry

    Yea, same problem here. I just sent it in a message to the facebook page.
  5. D'oh, didn't see your app, James. James would be an absolute asset. He number crunches, he theorycrafts, he smashes people's faces...all while being very mellow. I played Airsoft and then SWTOR with him and when he's a part of an organization, he dedicates himself to it, absolutely. 100% recommendation from me for a rock solid player who shines with good players backing him up.
  6. Glad for 6 seasons? That's some dedication! I think high level arena experience wow really translates well into GW2. We're always looking for people to create more sPvP tournament teams. Personally, I've been pvp'ing so much that I haven't really gotten a chance to level up my PvE character! TL:DR You will find a bunch of skilled and willing players ready to hop into tournaments with you. Good luck on your app. If you want to get into some pvp shenanigans with us, holler at me at cruxial.3870. For the Hor..Guild!
  7. Good to see another military guy. What's your in game name for GW2? Add me at Cruxial.3870 and I can point you in the right direction so you can get linked in, whatever your focus might be.
  8. Hey, Mark, Cole aka Cruxial here. I had a great time doing tourneys with you last night. I think you're a great player and your comms are excellent. Looking forward to continued successes! I'm glad you put in an app. and I think you have a pretty bright future here. /highfive!
  9. Sargon, I followed that recipe and received two pieces of Armageddon and two pieces of Pit Fighter.
  10. Really? Sargon and I have played in several tournaments together, both as guardian! I feel as if I don't have enough time for any PvE, lol.
  11. How are you planning on celebrating? More boring ass tournament wins? Lol.
  12. I feel as if I have a lot to say on this topic. I will continue to brainstorm and add onto this, and I encourage you to contribute what you've seen. I am attempting to adapt modern military concepts into GW2. I’m writing this section because after participtaing in WvW, there needs to be a better exchange of information between subordinates and leaders. The importance of timely, accurate reporting cannot be stressed enough in both small and large scale operations. A good leader listens to his soldiers and their observations and acts upon them in good faith. In a time sensitive engagement, the leader has to make snap decisions based upon that information. Thus, a standard and concise way of reporting up information is a requirement. Report facts FIRST and then add any speculation afterwards. A leader will ask for more details if he needs more substance to paint a picture of how the enemy is arrayed on the battlefield. Enter the “SALT-R” report. SIZE: (number/type of enemy) ACTIVITY: (what the enemy is doing) LOCATION: (where the enemy is observed) TIME: (how long ago it was observed, or if it’s currently happening) -REMARKS: (your speculation) Once you use a SALT-R report it becomes second nature. Do it. Once reporting has been mastered, this segways into my next topic of discussion that is extremely important: Recon. There is a lot that we can determine from viewing the map of the borderlands areas, but sometimes we will need to find out information that can’t be seen on the map, e.g. the location of enemy artillery, if a supply depot has defenders or not, etc. The two requirements for a recon patrol is to obtain the commander’s required information and to avoid enemy detection. This can best be accomplished with two players in my opinion. Two sets of eyes is always better than one on a recon because one person might see something the other doesn’t and vice versa. Also, one may have to bait or kite enemies in the case of detection, allowing his battle buddy to continue on and complete the recon. It’s important to avoid detection because if an enemy knows he is being observed, he may move, change his plans, or increase his security measures. Move no closer than necessary and use any stealth abilities you have at your disposal. In conclusion, I feel that if we can master reporting and employ effective recon, we will be able to increase our combat effectiveness greatly.

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