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  1. Is the GW2 division gone? I finally saw someone in the HotM with the tag on and asked and they said it's basically gone. That's rather unfortunate. Possibly looking for someone to run it?
  2. I would be down as a Mid player. Not sure what skill level you're looking for though. If you're interested just add me in-game: Phomatic.
  3. Prepatch hit about 2 hours ago. Looking great!
  4. Pre-patch hits today (10/14). Pretty pumped!
  5. I mean...go look at the video of Dyrus talking to TheOddOne when he was streaming. Your call. Looks like he is IMO.
  6. I hear they're putting TheOddOne back into the mix. That would be fun to see IMO.
  7. Huge updates IMO. This will be a huge jungle patch!
  8. I'd be down. Not sure what skill level you're looking for. Add me in-game: Phomatic. I main mid.
  9. If I'm interested in playing in the weekly LoL events, I am assuming this would be a good way to get started? I won't be back into town until Tuesday so I'd have to miss the intro night. =/
  10. My main 90 is on Hyjal. I'll have to see about a transfer.
  11. I would definitely be down to do this!
  12. Yeah I think everyone is still on an ArcheAge high. I'm sure once WoD rolls around it'll be back in business.
  13. Yeah I'm resubbing right now to prep as well! Definitely considering coming back to vVv with this game!
  14. When is the whole gang going to start playing WoW to prep for WoD? Or will everyone just start again on launch day? Also, is vVv Horde or Alliance?
  15. As Daviepants said, we are no longer a team. We disbanded back in March. I still play competitively, having just placed fourth in the Tournament of Legends 2 last month. Let me know if you have any questions and I'd be willing to answer!
  16. I won't play again until the headstart, unfortunately. I've got a lot of work to catch up on with my website, stream, and much more. Don't worry, I will hopefully be here with vVv if I am so permitted to be so since I am no longer a vVv member. EDIT: Installing ArcheAge beta now
  17. I'm interested in playing with vVv in Archeage. I miss gaming with Steamhawke, Exiledsoul (not really, though...), Khaela, and so many others!
  18. Cool. I'll post some more that you can add to this list!
  19. Here it is. If you know who ROM is on the EU servers, it's a variation of his build I created a few weeks ago. It's the best 1v1 warriors spec in the game, ultimately allowing you have enough AoE to take down untouchable targets (ie. thief) as well as AI that are with your enemy. This build is great for holding a point and includes a nice block, nearly unlimited dodge rolls, and great sustainability and burst. Endure Pain which is on your utilities bar, can be interchanged with Signet of Stamina.. all depending upon your enemy team's composition. Typically if they have double engi or one engi and a necro, I will use the Signet over EP. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?fJAQNAncTjMdUGaVIehwJagfgCZQ0CmDgCo6V+GzBA-TpBHwAFeAAAOEAGOCAd2fwZZgEnAAA Note: This build is still great in team fights. It allows you to use your longbow to get a solid AoE field down and use your axe + sword to train a target.
  20. One with a red background is preferred.
  21. This is what solo queue is. 5% are players who know what they're doing. 10% are players who may not know what they're doing but don't talk trash. The rest are players who blame their in-game failures on others. =/
  22. Valius

    Warrior - DPS

    When did anyone say anything about group play? Thought we were talking solo warrior
  23. Valius

    Warrior - DPS

    12 seconds off your elite is was more effective than a small damage increase.
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