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  1. http://www.reddit.com/r/starcraft/comments/172u8r/ipl_2013_map_tournament/ so the premise of this tournament is to test out new maps for the new map pool for ipl The problem with this tournament is the time it is at. It starts at 9 am Pacific (11 central).
  2. http://sc2links.com/ has most of the tournament vods for almost all players.
  3. There is a tourney on Saturday at 1pm pst that might be pretty competitive. http://www.z33k.com/games/starcraft2/tournaments/9898-ivdyogitime-com-68-casted-200-qualifier-1/teams Top 4 qualify for a separate tourney for 200 dollars.
  4. so hiei there seems to be hope? does this mean that i wont hear u complain again?
  5. do to school and other priorities coaching will be put on hold until further notice

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