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  1. Lee

    Lee's vVv Application

    thanks a lot
  2. Lee

    Lee's vVv Application

    if you wanna see my designs you can go to my gallery or here http://s1119.photobucket.com/albums/k630/gabe0088/
  3. Lee

    Lee's vVv Application

    I do have good design habits, my sig has a slight blur on it that i did purposely cause i liked the look.
  4. Lee

    Lee's vVv Application

    oh yeah i did that on purpose lol.
  5. Lee

    Lee's vVv Application

    1. I Am self taught but I do major in it in college. 2. Yes I do know how to use Adobe illustrator. 3. I did the whole design for the Rampage logo except for draw the Silverback, I made a few changes to it though and colored it in from being all white. Everything else from the logo is all me. I'm very diverse when it comes to designing, I can do just about anything. 4. I don't fully understand what you mean as in my sig isn't fully proportional.
  6. Lee

    Lee's vVv Application

    sorry i've just been really busy with two jobs and it being summer, but i think i've finally maintained to be able to stay awake on my time off.
  7. Lee

    Lee's vVv Application

    umm i actually have no idea lol, but I'm sure i'll find something to play. i'm a pretty well rounded gamer. why you looking for some people to recruit ?
  8. Lee

    Eminent's Re-App

    good luck on your re app man
  9. Lee

    Lee's vVv Application

    thanks and i will continue the good work. and do these graphics in spare time.
  10. i know, i just wanted to know what peoples thoughts were.
  11. i know what it says, i read the entire article.
  12. i usually just google gears 3 mlg raleigh 2012 and its the first link but... its this topic thats the first link lol but read in the box for this link "Gears of War 3 and League of Legends Tournaments Coming To MLG Raleigh August 26- ... "
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