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  1. Just for you soap https://youtu.be/hOllF3TgAsM
  2. ps. Im kidding about NEEDING to play smite but it'd be nice to game something with you lol
  3. Welcome back PapiKaine! I have a few questions myself that I have been asking applicants. Everyone streams and has content for the game they love. What from your stream/content do you feel will attract people to come to vVv or let alone come to your stream instead of others? I ask this because we have apps come and bring in this big story of how they stream and can bring in traffic into vVv only to have their apps closed. Also I see GoW is your biggest title focus. If GoW doesn't turn out to be as big as it is predicted will you be leaving vVv? Have you Played SMITE? If you haven't then you need to in order to get accepted into the Console Division.
  4. All roads lead back to Papabear. you hear me, Soap Body legacyyy and soon to be Djayy and Robo
  5. ​ EXPLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN!!!!!! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ GOALS have the highest rated organized play events as rated by competitive gamers have the most attended organized play events highest rated is more important than most attended STRATEGY create and run organized play events for competitive gamers sponsor and develop amateur teams to participate in and promote organized play events partner and deliver value to sponsors that create products and services for competitive gamers create and evolve an identity that competitive gamers want create and manage a clear path for competitive gamers who want our identity create and manage an ecosystem that develops competitive gamers and future gaming professionals EXECUTION AND TACTICS So far from the previous ADL to the current ADL's numbers have dropped drastically. The reason for this, which was brought up after contacting previous attendees, was the lack of satisfaction they got in the end game. They were playing for nothing other than to play custom e sport rule gametypes and knowing their stats. (I mean if they want I can whip up an "I'm a Winner Certificate" sign it, then email the ready to print image so they can frame it) According to the attendees IF we were to incorporate ourselves into the competitive scene then we will need to bring something to the table that helps them along the way. Now we already provide the lobby with dedicated party host, competitive minded players, personal player stats and a very accessible group chat that anyone can join and communicate with one another via ADL skype chat. So what more can we possibly provide? ______________________________________________________________________ For starters, I would look into providing "prizes" for the overall top players in ADL. What sort of prizes? How about Gamebattles or UMG "credits" to be used for those pro points series MLG has or those money tourneys those young hip kids like playing in. If word is out that vVv is giving credits out they will come (haha get it......if you build it, they will come.....ha...). Also what are the possibilities of looking into working with our current sponsors for free "swag" to give out at the end of the season to the top overall performers (by swag I mean stickers, a twitter handle retweet from vVv, a vVv bracelet, ya know something inexpensive) I can see how it may seem like something we can do without but trust me competitive players will swarm to win free items. This actually will benefit not only vVv but we can promote our partners! act now and members can recruit the talent coming to these ADL's for just one super low payment of $19.99 + sh/ha. I am more than willing to purchase products in the mean time until we have enough traffic coming in. I mean come on $10- $30 a month is nothing to me (that's floyd mayweather btw he gots money) ps. make this video official I will not stop pushing for this ****** I need to get back to work so i'll finish/edit my post with more later kk thnx
  6. Papabear

    Rxsk Application

    F**K OFF SOAP CUPID IS THE BEST IN THE GAME When B Easy uses Sobek to those them back to me I get a little tingle in my pants.
  7. are you or have you ever been affiliated with memphis thrash
  8. Papabear

    Invis App to Join vVv

    Hey man thanks for reaching out on xbox live. Looking foward to seeing you around and get a few games in. We will definitely need to game some halo
  9. welcome to vVv I hope you find this place suitable to your competitive needs. hehehehehe weezing*
  10. Papabear

    Soap's vVv Application

    Soap these changes are coming and we can start making sure it stays that way unlike the rest who have failed. we got the right people put in charge and they are looking for members to step up and are letting our opinions and issues be heard. its a step in the right direction. I know you have a lot to offer for vVv and I feel this time around you will feel more comfortable in bringing up your ideas. i love you senpai i think about you alot
  12. Papabear

    Soap's vVv Application

    vVv SenpaiBear once you get your V's okay
  13. Is this OG vVv FataL from the pokemon days?
  14. Where is uncle woody? :(

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      vVv Tahvvy

      Leading ksi viva piñata division

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