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    t0b4cc0 got a reaction from JungGrodski in Ac2 Inferno   
    Hey guys!

    I went in 3 days into inferno, there, i stayed a while and listened. After a bit of farming i decided to move on to act 2, but its just too hard for me with my wizz, getting 1 shot by almost everything (or not dealing enough dmg to really fight)
    So i made a Tank-Barbarian to feel the "other side". (tanking almos everything in hell so far)
    I like the gameplay of the wizz, i can farm act 1 easy, and in hell i clear a4 really easy, but i cant do anyhting in act2.

    It feels like without EA and DS the mage is pretty useless. (i also used to use teleport alot, but im getting too weak...)
    Do you have any suggestions?
    Just farm gear until i have 70k dps and 150k hp? Or die through inferno like all others did?
    Maybe some1 is stuck there too and we could try together!

    reagrds t
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    t0b4cc0 reacted to Smile in Colossi Use   
    I remember when I used to Colossus drop harass when I was in gold. I just could not get over the fact the Reaver was gone.

    Now, I personally have to use them because Toss either needs to go Colo or HT's for the AOE and I do not have the micro and multitasking skills to feedback the Infestors, Ghosts, and land the perfect storms. I feel like neither is necessarily better but it really depends on your style of play. Only hard thing with Colo is dealing with Infestor Broodlords but I heard a tip that you can beat it using pure Colo and Blink Stalker if you put the Colo in the front to snipe the Infestors then bink forward with Stalkers.

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