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  1. for the ele: http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Elemental_Attunement this is a must have imho, especially because its a t1 trait http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Cleansing_Wave_%28trait%29 this one is strong too http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Pyromancer%27s_Alacrity http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Internal_Fire maybe some eles will tell me they dont use fire, but i think those are must haves too for maximizing dmg http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Icy_Mist complete op, if some1 uses a mist/vapor form it also works with the mist form of the downed status
  2. We should defenitely play some tournaments next BWE.
  3. looks like we have no mesmer atm, since mesmer was my main in gw1 ill take a closer look at it next bwe
  4. europe here "I'm most interested in playing a Cap/Support/Tactician and my goal is to be able to win 1v2 against any class combination 85% of the time" that means you play against bad people 85% of the time, in my opinion ~.~ i mean 2v1.... if 2 people cant beat 1.. sounds like pubstomping also you say "win" if you play a survive necro, guardian push him out, and cap the point. even if you survived he took the capturepoint and you lost.
  5. damn i was so tired, just played a couple of spvp matches with my ele. no one in the guild responded to guildchat -.- id loved to participate in a tournament, maybe we could make a team for next bwe/stresstest
  6. the best thing is how gw1 is not in the list xD i play lol btw but not for any special practise
  7. now i know why some things didnt work as i (and other people) wanted to
  8. signed, + not to imagine the 1 to 5+ h sleep O_o that 2 things combined must be the toughest part of the training
  9. patience makes my postings and videos awesome.... thats why i post not much for a few days feels like im beeing tracked, and immediately decryed wen i post nothing for 2 days ^^^^^^^^ must be a conspiracy, i always knew it. im actually excited for the strestest, after that im sure we get some stuff to talk about.
  10. hi and welcome cool that you are flying gotta share some pics or a helmcamera i would play gw1 again, if we can find like 7-8 people for pvp i have 0 clue about the hall of monument sh.....tuff, cause pvp only
  11. we also owned QQ and their allys @ the digital media thing, the 2 clips, and my 2 gw2 videos are the only videos i ever made. i just started this but as stated in my application i like to do stuff for vVv, if i can
  12. @valius, its a conspiracy! not quite you get with a different mindset into scrims. Also, a guild wich you play often will know how to deal witht you so that you have to make sure that you have improved or will improve. that also could be possible wihtout havin a chat together, so it doesnt matter much. In gw1 you also somtimes just needed a monk, nothing else, a player who can play that class well. in gw2 you can be a bit more flexible, and since we are more than 5 members it wouldnt be a great problem to replace some1 for a game. so theres basically not a whole left that speaks for an ally...... its like marriage.... can be beneficial, not that much, but can cause big dramas.

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