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    My interests are in the community of esports, but on a personal basis I am an applications developer with Imadsolutions.com. I also do some gfx work, and i'm going to school for my master's degree in computer sciences.
  1. Thank you Rinzler for the advice I've been involved in maybe 5 or 6 inhouses so far and everytime I learn alot each time. My step that i've taken so far are I have started the Ranked games finally But hard to keep up with them Being as I only have weekends to play now cause I had to get a job, along with the 5 hour que waits to get into the game... :'( But in the LoL community I have kept up on the tournament parts and I constantly retweet anything I see related to vVv streams/news.
  2. Yeah Of course Most Definitely. Never been into watching the Fighting game Tourneys but I saw the vVv romance.... Damn truly beast mode.
  3. hahah Thanks Platty. But as of now i'm good. Got to 25 and started Shoutboxing it up. I'm addicted to that thing
  4. Very Nice looking app. And Good luck on your acceptance.
  5. Wow really Low level tier touney YAY! I used to see these all over but they kinda faded away made me sad. But Glad someone kept it together.
  6. Wait.... That's awesome You just earn 20 awesome points for telling me about this. Thank you.
  7. He is Countered by riven It's pretty ugh to face her with Darius.I haven't Laned against Irelia yet So idk about that though.
  8. My own experience both playing and playing against darius All you have to do is Silence him and he's finished so I don't see why people are calling him op. I mean Yi's ulti has a reset cooldown on killing a enemy champ as well only thing is his makes him attack faster.
  9. good luck on your app and Stay active on the forums. The more active and the more you Spread the word of the great vVv the better you look it's all about value.
  10. Good luck on your application and make sure to get in on the in-houses they are LOADS of fun.
  11. Kirixiz

    Billcosby1341 LoL App

    Good luck with ether Path you decide to Go down weather it be playing or casting.
  12. Kirixiz

    LgCalibre's app !

    Why is the Sc2 application seem so much shorter than the league one? lol well Good luck good sir on your application.
  13. JOIN the In-houses they truly are a blast to play in. EXCEPT AGAINST JARVAN!!! :'( lol jk Good luck on your app btw.

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