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    My interests are pretty much gaming, that's about it. Started out when I was 5 or so playing the old Dooms and Quakes, moved on to the newer ones (with a bit of Nintendo 64 in between..best console ever)then started playing around with Brood War. I also play Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. In my heart though, my most favorite game in the whole wide world would definitely be Starcraft 2.
  1. I really appreciate the support guys! But I have bad news, literally 2.5 hours before my first match, I was called into work... :'( This is really disappointing. I worked so hard for this and now I won't get to participate. So close to co.ing close to making at least somewhat of a name for myself. I guess it wasn't meant to be... gg.
  2. Not 100% sure i can make it, bhut will try!
  3. Hey guys, super excited! I made the top 32 of this tournament of phase 1 so now I'm invited to phase 2, the playoffs! With mostly grandmaster level players, I don't expect to advance that far, but who knows, maybe! http://www.alienwarearena.com/event/sc2-proam-na-playoffs/home/. Here are the brackets - http://www.alienwarearena.com/bracket/view/3pb25rg5/ Man I'm so excited, lot of prize money on the line and a chance to actually make a name for myself as well as vVv. I was 1 of I believe 3 or so vVv players to play. Myself, vVvRuff, and one other I think. Tough competition in the bracket, but all I need to do is get to the top 4 and I qualify for phase 3, the Pro - Am!
  4. InfestedOne

    Alex app

    You can't be serious. Are you trolling or what? Because you're doing a good job of it in the chat on sc2. Good luck though He just called you a bitch in sc2 Spike! Chat log - John Victor Kim (vVvNuBrGNi): hes 15 lol IIllIIlIIIIl: spike is a bitch John Victor Kim (vVvNuBrGNi): Gprime not bad You: i gotta buy a gift card on newegg.com for christmas, after that, game? John Victor Kim (vVvNuBrGNi): sure ima go get coffee and try to get rid of this headache
  5. Thanks guys! And sorry SonTran I have the replays so I'll send them to whoever wants them to see and/or cast! Just say if you want them

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