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  1. Just remember Air Flow is very important.
  2. Hey.. Dont go to the DewStone one ... that one i want its right behind my 8x8
  3. So I am just wondering does anyone have a 8x8 they are not using that I could put my 8x8 on instead. I don't want to buy it just if you have it and don't use it. Reason I don't care to buy it is I don't have the money. But if you would want it back after a while I would more than gladly give it back. Just throwing it out there.
  4. That's an affirmative ghost rider.
  5. Boat races in the river with waterfalls only Row boats.
  6. This is a Eastern guild on our server. They out number us by a lot. The trade wars are coming.
  7. I believe and I may be right the queues are from the afk players. I think to fix this there would have to be 2 major changes. 1 patrons get 10 labor on and off f2P get 5 on an off 2 no longer give xp to mounts for moving but x2 xp increase for quest turn in and mob kills . You would cut out the 2 main factors that push player to stay afk in game.
  8. Thanks Blazek I will have 5k by the time I get home.

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