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    Kendall Rashawn West
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    The Call of Duty Series, Skyrim, NBA 2k12, Halo Reach, Battlefield 3,Black ops
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    Pizza, ribs, Chicken
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    21 jump street, Think like a man, Hunger Games
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    kirk Bangz,Wiz khalifa,Big Sean, Drake, Lil Wayne, Tyga,
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    Basketball, competitive Gaming,Girls, Hanging around people i enjoy
  1. Thanks for the update shadow
  2. GoodLuck on your app!
  3. Britzel

    Stitches app <3

    GoodLuck on your app. just HMU if you want to play
  4. Good Luck on your app it was nice playing with you today
  5. Britzel

    _Trickz application

    Good Luck on your app
  6. Good Luck on your app you guys
  7. Good Luck on your app!!!
  8. Good Luck on your app
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