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    Guild Wars 2 - Zhuu.4159
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  1. Hay everyone, after much thought and consideration, I am deciding to leave vVv. My name has been getting around the Smite community and I have a few offers that I am interested in. It has been great meeting you all, I have learned a lot, and I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors. As to the GW2 members, good luck, and I hope you guys continue to do big things in the GW2 world. Once again, it was a pleasure to meet such great people, and best of luck to everyone. <3 Zhuu
  2. LJ doesn't want people to be SPAMMING in General chat, no one likes that shit. What cwalk is doing is 100% fine imo; games are about 30min long and I'm assuming he only says it once So yea, if you guys are playing something other than GW2 that will allow you to do something like cwalk is doing, I say go for it.
  3. Catch me in WvWvW and get raped, ya'll ass.
  4. Zhuu

    What's new in BWE3?

    At first I was going to be mad about the wipe, but then I realized I am already at end game for the Beta content. xD Keg Brawl should be fun though.
  5. Zhuu

    Nikota GW2 Application

    Hay Nikota! First off, welcome Secondly, have you had the chance to play GW2 at all? and what class/race will you be rolling at launch? and do you see yourself as a PvE or WvWvW or Structured PvP guy? Finally, good luck on your app!
  6. http://www.theesa.com/facts/index.asp
  7. Well, it was a pleasure to meet you sir. xD
  8. Welcome Psychi! I'm assuming you played a Mage in WoW? Also, what race/class will you be rolling in GW2? And what will you be participating more in: sPvP or WvWvW?
  9. Welcome enteytin! I have to ask, since I played, what race/class did you play on WoW? And for GW2, are you planning on playing sPvP or WvWvW more?
  10. Zhuu

    Guttzu - GW2 Application

    Welcome Guttzu! Also, nice app. xD Since you have yet to play this may be tough, but what class and race are you planning on rolling? And do you plan on participating in WvWvW (Server v Server v Server)?

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