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  1. Set up a BO9 tonight around 9:45 est? You guys have a stream? Lemme know! PS: I subbed <3
  2. Ok. I understand things happen and you are all individually skilled. Complications do occur with all teams. But, sure. I'd love to scrim again later this week or so. Just hit me up with time and dates. Frozty
  3. Ok. So I've waited far to long to give my opinion. I support this team to the fullest. But, they aren't necessarily the best team they seem to be made out to be. Now, don't get me wrong. They are great players and great individual players. But, every time we've scrimmed them, we have beat them fairly convincingly. So, I'm not calling anyone out, but these guys aren't "amazing" CoD players. HMU on XBL if you'd like to play sometime shadow.

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