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  1. The way that I see Honorary Members, they are individuals that have positively influenced vVv and left their marks in history. While not exactly 1=1 equivalent, it would be similar to "chopping" past tournament achievements just because players are no longer active in vVv. So while the intent is in the right direction, it is the wrong approach to go about it. Now, if y'all want to turn Honorary Members into Historic Members (exemplary members of the past), and create a new tier of membership where members are exemplary and are required to remain active, then yea that would be something that would work. So basically splitting Honorary into Historic Member (or any similar name) and then Exemplary Member (or similar name) for active ones. This keeps our history untouched and elevates current exemplary members where they should be. Eventually Exemplary Members will get archived into Historic Members as they retire. As for my activity, I only have a Switch for console, I currently playing WoW classic. I recently started to play Valorant and have picked up some games with Amped and Stitches. I'm only active around here when my presence or help is needed. Also if anyone wants to play Valorant, hit me up.
  2. Vision Valor Victory doesn't really tell someone what we do here. So think up some new, original ideas and let's see how this plays off on to the finalized text. Vision Valor Victory can always be added to the shirt, but right now we need to distill the dynamics of vVv Gaming and put that on a shirt.
  3. I'm excited to see the results of your efforts leading vVv Gaming. Let me know if there are any other graphics needs, I will try and help as I can.
  4. I haven't played Apex in a while, hit me up if you see me on Origin. ID: Pherzghul
  5. try these and let me know if they need revisions. Twitch Header: Twitter Header:
  6. Icons to use for Discord, Forums and other online images. 512x512 - White Background 512x512 - No Background 250x250 - White Background 250x250 - No Background 100x100 - White Background 100x100 - No Background
  7. I've been a designer for 15 years, so I know my way around graphics.
  8. Let me know if you need any other, I grabbed the text from your twitch.
  9. Good try but, noooooo don't stretch the logo. Ever. No Stretching allowed. Give me the dimensions of those images and I can do something real quick. I have a bit of time to do this right now.
  10. You can use the wallpaper for personal use, I would assume that using vVv logos/banners on any social media or streaming platform would require you to be a vVv member first.
  11. This png logo file might work for what you need. Let me know if it doesn't work and we can try something else. Edit: added this horizontal logo too.
  12. I have the files, did you need it in any specific format?
  13. Wooo! I'm very happy you guys like the finalized design. It's a solid foundation to create some awesome looking gear with an easily identifiable logo. Here is a quick wallpaper I made. It's 1080p, let me know if anyone needs any other specific dimension. The files are vector that can I can scale up.
  14. Yea, I see what you mean about the solid colored version. It could be spaced out a bit more. Another option could be a white stroke around all the flares. I'd have to test a few things.

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