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    Caliber got a reaction from Pointy in LgCalibre's app !   
    name (Enrique Arizmendi):
    Age (17):
    What is your in game name (LgCalibre.344):
    Link to your Twitter page (https://twitter.com/#!/caliber2):
    Link to your Google+ or Facebook page (http://www.facebook....100002360380152):
    How frequently do you use Facebook, Twitter, Digg and/or Google+?( i use facebook ALL DAY every single hour XD )
    How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom?( vVvAstro )
    Who do you know currently in vVv Gaming? How do you know them?( looking at GM ladder i saw vVv Ruff and more players )
    Why you are interested in joining vVv Gaming?( i am interested to join vVv clan because i got a lot of friends that are in this clan .
    Adding value is an important aspect of being in vVv Gaming. How will you, personally, add value? (stay active and playing with the team) .
    Are you familiar with vVv's Geek to Me articles and Losers Bracket Podcast? If so, what some of your favorites and why?( No).
    How long have you been playing video games?(3 years)
    How many hours per week do you devote to gaming?(23 hours )
    What current division are you in and how many points do you have?(top 1 diamond league ,points 472.)
    Do you see yourself as competitive or causal gamer?( competitive gamer BUT enjoying)
    What games coming out are you looking forward to play and why? CoD blackops 2
    What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? (soccer and baseball)
    Where do you see yourself next year at this time? (Playing and enjoying )
    You are expected to add 3 Vs to your battle.net ID in front of your alias if accepted (ie vVvRoar)
    Social Media Expert : i am a little bit slow in twitter but am going to de rettweting to show that i am a social media expert ,Facebook is going to be easy because i am always there !!

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    Caliber reacted to vVv LordJerith in SC2 Town Hall Meeting this Sunday (2012-07-08)   
    I look forward to it!
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    Caliber reacted to PoSeR in SC2 Town Hall Meeting this Sunday (2012-07-08)   
    I really want to be at this, but i have softball on sunday nights. So I may be late if i can make it.
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    Caliber reacted to Killzmane in SC2 Town Hall Meeting this Sunday (2012-07-08)   
    I'll be there, unconditionally.
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    Caliber reacted in LgCalibre's app !   
    hey calibre how has your time with vVv been? any likes, dislike, or feel we can improve on something?? have you had a chance to catch up with our Losers bracket podcast or WNS? make sure you keeping active with social media that's key to helping with your application! and again good luck!
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    Caliber reacted to Magnet in InfestedOne's Application   
    Got to play some team games! very very fun to play with and fun person to talk to. Best of luck, play again sometime! :Victory:
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    Caliber reacted to InfestedOne in InfestedOne's Application   
    Hey man, thanks!!! We won all 5 placement matches!
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    Caliber reacted to vVv OrganicBear in PrismatkCORE's application :D   
    So I see you're interested in doing graphics as your way of adding value. Do you think you could make some overlays for our ESEA matches? Something with the vVv Logo and ESEA, possibly with a spot for the other team's stuff (maybe try one with, one without).
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    Caliber reacted to Kirixiz in LgCalibre's app !   
    Why is the Sc2 application seem so much shorter than the league one? lol well Good luck good sir on your application.
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    Caliber reacted in LgCalibre's app !   
    well youve been member for a month now and only 27 posts? come on man you gotta be a little bit mroe active then that try to go for the shout box atleast
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    Caliber reacted to NazGuL` in Free Protoss Coaching, master level practice partner   
    Hi guys I am just trying to help out the community a bit and contribute, all i really am good at is sc2. So if you want a practice partner or you feel like you need some help coaching. Msg me on sc2, NA server nazgul 851. I am a master leauge toss player, i havent laddered this season much but last season i was top 50, ive done about 200 customs and watched many more vods since than. I am refining my play before I ladder its just a personal preference. So yeah dont be shy I am really social(despite the fact im covering my face) and would be glad to help you or talk to you about the matches via skype. msg me on sc2 for skype info.

    Gl hf Team vVv Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Caliber reacted to Spike in LgCalibre's app !   
    Hey Enrique:

    Good luck on your application! I see you haven;t had the awesome opportunity to check out The Loser's Bracket! I recommend coming and checking it out every Tuesday at 9:00EST (6:00PST)! It is a lot of fun and it is good coverage on eSports! Good luck on your application and let me know if you need any help.
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    Caliber reacted to vVv OrganicBear in LgCalibre's app !   
    Hey, just wanted to let you know you don't have to spam retweet everything vVv tweets. Just a few things you find interesting every day or so.
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    Caliber reacted to ODErollisonO in Doozay's Application   
    good luck
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    Caliber reacted to Wuts in LgCalibre's app !   
    goodluck on your app
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    Caliber reacted to deadlyforce11 in LgCalibre's app !   
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    Caliber reacted to TheFrostyxx in LgCalibre's app !   
    good luck
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    Caliber reacted to rmartinez4406 in LgCalibre's app !   
    Good Luck!!
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    Caliber reacted to CLowNz in LgCalibre's app !   
    Good luck!
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    Caliber reacted to Warrior in LgCalibre's app !   
    Good luck, stay active!!
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    Caliber reacted to vVv LordJerith in SonTran's Application   
    Welcome to vVv Gaming! Enjoy your visits to our forum and our website. If you have any any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me or any of the vVv Staff members (easily recognized by their gold or purple color in our shoutbox). Make sure to connect with as many vVv members as possible, start gaming with them and get to know the community. Once again, thank you for registering on our site, and we hope to see much more of you! Also, please upload a personal photo and fill out your forum personal profile and "About Me" Page COMPLETELY. (Go to My Controls, then Personal Profile section). Here at vVv, we like to know our members!Along with that, we would like you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Also, like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter! You can find all the links and info here: important way to stay active is to be sure that you do the following:
    If you are a 360 applicant, make sure you have "vVv applicant" in your Xbox Live motto, and make sure vVv-gaming.com is in your Xbox Live bio. Learn what makes us the most accomplished console organization in the world. Discover vVv Gaming's FIVE Pillars, the foundation of our culture. Join us on vVv Gaming's Mumble, Steam and Xfire! Read our articles featured on the Chicago Tribune's Geek to Me Blog! Listen to our podcast, The Losers Bracket, and Leave reviews on iTunes! And please post here if you need something from an admin? If you have any questions, please contact an available staff member, feel free to send me a Private Message through our forums or you can post here: http://vvv-gaming.com/forum/index.php?showforum=323.vVv Gaming is about being active and its members adding value. If you don't have time to add value to vVv-Gaming by activity, gfx, or other ways, we have one convenient way to add value: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=31340Don't forget to checkout all the topics above the shoutbox. They contain important news and information.Again, Welcome!
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    Caliber reacted to Xzael in LgCalibre's app !   
    good luck with the application man be sure to stay active on the forums, social media ect. gl again!
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    Caliber reacted to Fearful in LgCalibre's app !   
    Hey man. Good luck on your application. Just as xTcsy said, you should fill out more of the application if you can. We want to know more about you. But just stay active on the forums and on twitter, and you should be golden. Have fun and enjoy your time here (:
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    Caliber reacted to Ecstxcy in LgCalibre's app !   
    If i were you, I'd take more time to fill out the application
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    Caliber reacted to Unisub in Unisub's Application.   
    Name: Nicholas (Nick) Tighe Munoz

    Age: 19

    In-game names: Unisub.362, LGUnisub.514

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/SCUnisub

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nick.munoz2

    How frequently do you use twitter/facebook: I Use my gaming twitter frequently and my facebook constantly.

    How did I hear about vVv: I just did a little research of my own, after hearing about vVvRocker and other famous players.

    Who do you know currently in vVv gaming: I don't know anyone in vVv, but i'd like to get to know everyone!

    Why are you interested in joining vVv gaming: I'd like to be a part of esports, and vVv, because I have a lot I can offer. I would like to play my part in both esports and vVv by being a player, offering suggestions like charity tournaments, and many other things I can do!

    How will you personally add value: Like I said in my last response, I can offer financial help (To an extent), I can offer great suggestions that would like charity tournaments and things like that, I can offer streaming, commentation, coaching, I think I can bring a lot to the table.

    Are you familiar with vVv's Geek to me articles, and losers bracket podcasts: No I am not familiar with these, but i'd sure like to be and will definitely look them up.

    How long have you been playing video games: I have been in the starcraft scene for about 9-10 years now. And Video games since I was a little kid.

    How many hours per week do you devote to gaming: I am currently working twords getting a new processor and Internet at my new home to get back into gaming and once I accomplish that I plan to devote at least 40-50 hours a week. Gaming is a big part of my life.

    What current division are you in and how many points do you have: I am in masters on both accounts and back when I had interent I was top 15.

    My points aren't up to date with what they should be but they are around 600-700 points on both accounts.

    Do you see yourself as a competitive or casual gamer: If I haven't made it clear already, Competitive.

    What games coming out are you looking forward to playing and why: I am looking forward to all the starcraft expansions because I am in love with starcraft. I am also looking forward to Mass effect 3, which is out, I just haven't bought it yet.

    What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming: Fishing, dating, hanging out, partying, and many other things.

    Where do you see yourself next year at this time: Playing for vVv ofcourse!

    You are expected to put 3 v's infront of your name if accepted: Not a problem I have a name change on one of my accounts ready to go when/if accepted!

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