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    I am a big cook and I like a plethora of different foods
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    anything that is good no matter what genre, but mostly stupid comedys
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    mc chris, tupac, I listen to almost every genre of music my varity is rediculous
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    I love to get out and play I live in portland oregon which is one of the coolest city's in the world, tons of amazing cool things to do here, awesome unique bars and restaurants, and I love how diverse it is here, I look at the city as a place to explore always looking for new cool things and spots.
  1. i would love to see a dota mode where every level is 5 trait points and a new 1-5 unlock, utility's are bought with gold as well as gear I absolutely loved smite and I thought it would be amazing to see if someone could make a moba that feels like a real mmo
  2. cwalk

    sPvP Night(s)

    highly doubt we are going to get 8 teams, but It would be nice to have a pvp night, my vote is for the weekday
  3. anyone else shocked that he is using mirror images? is this so he can decoy, then pop that when he gets in trouble and skip out on the dodge roll clones?
  4. First of all ty for all the support, vVv is truly my family. I actually got fired over the phone today, ironic thing is I also got all the paperwork for my new job finalized, I was going to put in my 2 week notice today. Weird how some things work out, but this new place looks a lot better and I get a 2 week unpaid vacation. I will be back on soon, my plans are to finish up some wvw vids, and I want to get serious into some 5v5 tourneys asap.
  5. So this place seems like a sure thing, portland location of course
  6. lol this was on the related videos for some wierd reason, but funny as hell non the less http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=pqJpf6tidn0
  7. how come no ambush trap for extra pet
  8. Woot already got an interview for tomorrow at a place that pays more, closer, and better schedule
  9. yeah thx for the support, everything was fine till i got this new boss that is a total ass hole, and I do not put up with that kind of shit. Ill find a new job soon. Already got a sure thing I can go to at anytime working for my buddy, but Im going to hold out for at least a few weeks to try and find something closer with better pay.
  10. it will as soon as I can get out of this hell hole
  11. Hey there Just letting you guys know that I will not be on much the next 2-3 weeks, having some issues with my work so I will be actively searching for a new job in my spare time, which unfortunately will hinder my play time. I just wanna give a heads up so if you don't see me I did not drop off the face of the earth, just putting in apps for a new job.
  12. awesome glad you enjoy vVv, I had the same feeling when i saw like 20 good lucks on the 1st day I posted my app, and back then I was one of the 1st to put in an app for gw2

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