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  1. As the topic, which one will we enter? :)

    All Servers Name

    • Anvil Rock
    • Borlis Pass
    • Yak’s Bend
    • Henge of Denravi
    • Maguuma
    • Sorrow’s Furnace
    • Kaineng
    • Jade Quarry
    • Fort Aspenwood
    • Ehmry Bay
    • Ferguson’s Crossing
    • Darkhaven
    • Vasburg
    • Eredon Terrace
    • Crystal Desert
    • Tarnished Coast
    • Steamspur Mountains
    • Blazeridge Mountains
    • Isle of Janthir
    • Sea of Sorrows
    • Deldrimor
    • Scavenger’s Causeway
    • Moladune
    • Eternal Grove

  2. Judging from recent information coming from beta testers and the beta client's actions it looks like the Beta Weekend download is starting either Today (Tuesday) or Wednesday.

    There's a distinct possibility it will be staggered (Group A on Tuesday, B on Wednesday) but nothing is confirmed.

    In fact, if you have beta downloader used before, you can download GW2 program by update the downloader!!! It will help you clean the beta file and download BWE file. I just got it, total 12.7G!!!!

  3. yes blink seems good, I dont deny that; but using it to try to gain ranged dps feels pretty short sighted, and here's why. So you blink and swap to your 2h, assuming GCD is 1 sec for each that is 2 seconds of time before you can get a shot off. Now most, if not all, melee classes have gap closers of their own and thiefs can easily stealth; thus there is a high probability that your melee oponent will have a way to get into melee again before you can make use of that ranged dps bonus.

    Agree above, another suggestion is, as i remember the experience of my mesmer friend in BETA, he says a lot of damage comes from Mind Wrack. That is, to use Mind Wrack efficiently, we had better to create sword/sword clones or phantoms and make the chance to ignite them.

    Thus what is important is to ensure your clones to get close enemy, if most enemy knows that the power of Mind Wrack they will try to dodge or move away. If we confront melee there's nothing to worry about, but if confronting ranged class i think Leap will help to plunge your enemy and cripple them. It is also a Sword/Sword skill, no need to swap weapon. With damage from leap and mind wrack, maybe you can reconsider the status of blink.

  4. Facing Enemy - Duel

    Here I discuss the situation when S/F ele confronting other classes. The reason I neglect D/D and S/D is these two type do better when they are in GvG, later i will chat about this aspect. here is my S/F build: http://www.gw2tools....aaaa;Ycaa;YfSiY

    Then introduce a combo of S/F ele: In Fire attunment, cast Dragon Tooth in begin; then change to Air attunment and cast Gale asap to guarantee Dragon Tooth will hit on enemy who cannot dodge, then cast Arc Lightning as your will.

    • Facing a warrior: the method of a hammer warrior to get close to you is Earthshaker and Throw Bolas. Thus when you meet a warrior, first skill is Dust Devil and Blinding Flash to ensure his Earthshaker or Bolas will miss. Even if the warrior stuns you in accident , then Backbreaker(knockdown 3s) and cripple, you can take these wave and wait Armor of Earth activate, but my suggestion is casting Mist Form asap and keep a distance to ensure HP not to low. Continue kiting the warrior by chilling skills (in my build i have two chill). Every 10 secs cast blinding on him to prevent Earthshaker. Soon the combat will over :)

    • Facing a guardian: Kiting him as if a warrior, but care the immobilize skill he might have. S/F has a lot anti-CC skill, use them to ensure and en large your advantage. If Guardian cast invulnerable skill then run away and cast some unimportant skill at will, because we have Signet of Restoration, every cast will heal us for 300hp.

    • Facing a ranger: Keep a long distance with ranger and moving to make most his shots will loss target. Use dodge, Swirling Wind and Magnetic Wave to prevent his critical skill. Care Entangle and use Phoenix to dispel the effect. Our main damage skill is arc lightning, instant and impossible to loss target. But ranger's shot will loss if your postioning is good. If he try to escape, use chilling skill or Gale to finish him.

    • Facing thief: This is a combat of chasing and kiting. Use chilling skills to prevent the approaching of thief, keep condition clean if you are immobilized or crippled by thief. If the close combat is incoming and unavoidable, use Gale and Obsidian Flesh to prevent damage, then space out the distance. Keep kiting.

    • About the confronting method against Mesmer, Necromancer, and Engineer, I still work on. Undoubtly, lack of information about the damage of them makes it hard to figure out the solution. At this aspect maybe i need some suggestion from you :)

    To notice that, in a ranking PvP team S/F ele is good at duel but a little bad for GvG due to the lack of burst firepower. Thus if your team ask for a harassment role, S/F ele might be a good choice in my opinion.

    Elementalist in GvG

    For a S/D ele, the successful burst combo will be: In mid-far distance cast Dragon's Tooth -> moving toward enemy and cast Phenix -> touch enemy, cast Flame Touch. If all these skill hit, 15k is possible and easily to achieve. However Dragon's Tooth and Phoenix are AOE and need time to hit target, if your enemy is not newbie he will soon dodge to escape the area of AOE. Thus, we need teammates for assistance, someone who has CC skills is best....

    So, who is the proper choice? In my guess warrior and guardian are very proper to match with elementalist. The stun & knockdown skill by warrior, and immobilize & Binding Blade by guardian, all of them can prevent enemy from escaping the burst combo of S/D ele. However, guardian may do better than warrior because he can provide a lot of survivability for elementalist. For example, Sanctuary and Absorbing Shield.

    There still something I cannot confirm: even under the protection of teammates, can S/D ele survive easily? Or just be chased again and again such that he cannot do any focus firepower? If that happens, S/F might replace S/D and D/D in structure PvP.

    That's what I wanna to discuss about elementalist in PvP, eager for some replying and controverting opinion. ://

  5. Prologue

    This article mainly discuss about different weapon skill of elementalist and the usage against other profession in different situation. Firstly i will introduce the general function skill when holding dagger, scepter, and focus. Then we start on the pros and cons of each one and the usage of them when you confronting different class. Finally end with a small discuss about the status which different type of elementalist might have in a PvP team.

    General Intro of Weapon Skill

    Of course, we are dicussing, not teaching a newbie what skills a ele have. Thus reader must check the function of skill i am talking about by youself :). Now let's begin:

    • First one is Dagger/Dagger ele, which is called "plunging burst." This is because D/D ele has these two skills: Dragon's Claw and Flame Touch. Both of them damage a lot at short range and in a short time. Moreover, Ride the lightning and Magnetic Grasp provide the ability for ele to plunge enemy and immobilize them. That's why this type of ele is called "plunging" and "burst"...they will plunge you and burst over 12k in just 5 secs. However D/D is very weak when they are chased or focused. They have 3 self-protection skill: Shock Aura, Updraft and Earthquake. All above work only in short distance, that means if you are a range class and have the technique to prevent from the plunge of D/D, you can nuke D/D easily. If you are a hammer warrior, don' be affraid, get your hammer to stun and knockdown D/D ele. D/D may do 12k damage but you can take his life before his nuke skill CD is ready (Flame Touch CD 50s). Another cons of D/D is they only do big damage in short distance, which is a dangerous distance cuz D/D might suffer a lot of damage than they do.

    • Second is Scepter/Dagger ele. Arc Lightning can provide mid-long distance damage. Dust Devil, Blinding Flash, Rock Barrier provide self-protection. Thus S/D might be a better choice in the trade-off between burst and survivability. To notice that, with Flame Touch and Dragon's Tooth S/D can do bursting damage as if he is a D/D. In a structure PvP team with teammates who can offer protection and CC skill, i think S/D is a good choice i.e. teammate guardian is great in both protection and providing burst chance.

    • Third is Scepter/Focus ele. By removing Flame Touch this kind of ele gains lots of CC skills and self-protection, including Freezing Gust(chill 3s), Swirling Winds(anti-projection damage), Gale(knock down 3s), Magnetic Wave(anti-projection), and Obsidian Flesh(invulnerable 4s). All of them are useful but S/F has a low burst power as a result. However S/F has a great sustaining power, he might not so good in burst, but he can provide a sustainable firepower and knockdown in critical moment to prevent enemy escape and survive.

  6. nice, maybe we should look at all aspects the theif can excel at, and compare, what the best position to fill would be. going to start doing some mesmer guides, but having an overload of schoolwork to do :(

    Anyone wanna to write something about elementalist? I can work on it if nobody does. I just put my dissertation behind my head!!

  7. As i know, most important of computer device to run GW2 is CPU and Video Card. If you just want play PvP and PvE fluently (less ppl), i recommand:

    1. CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-2400 Processor

    2. Video Card: "GeForce GTX 560 Ti" or "Radeon HD 6950s"

    3. Moreover, get a 1920*1050 LCD at least.

    If you are asking for a fluent WvW device.....that will cost a lot.

    However, i live in Taiwan not north America. About the detailed price you might ask for somebody else. :F

  8. This is a constructive thief build i think, most time i see burst build on the forum, they are seriously in lack of cripple/immobilize skill thus easily to be kited by ele or ranger. That is bad cuz this two profession with less HP can be easily killed if you catch them.

    My little confusing is that, maybe a hammer warrior is a big threat to thief?

    With stun (cd 10s) and knockdown (cd 25s) skill, thief must take a lot damage which cannot be evaded or dodged because we don't have any stunned-break skill or anti-knockdown.....and as we know, thief HP is not so much. Maybe thief should focus on some cloth armor target. i.e. elementalist

    Whatever this is a useful share, so Talon wanna play a thief? :>

  9. Agree with sleepy, what a good segregation system for PvP :> Attach a useful blog for thief, continuing update!! Lots of technique, video analysis, and build suggestion in it. Hope u guys will love it. http://www.keyanddagger.com/

    I am still searching for a good blog or forum for elementalist or guardian. From now on there seems not exist a good blog for this two profession. :(

  10. Hey, my main will be Human Elementalist, mostly on PvP or WvW. Before mastering this profession, i won't use another one . Hope i can survive under the hammer of warrior :hang3:

    By the way, does any guardian interest in PvP group cooperation? I am seeking a teammate to practice some combo skills and tacit. In my guess elementalist and guardian will be a great composition, 'cuz the former has the top burst and the latter has the best defense. :woot:

  11. How is Scepter/focus sacrificing burst?

    S/F sacrifcing the flametouch skill (no crit =4k , crit = almost 6k), thus the burst power is a little lower and has a stable power.However u gain when losing something, S/F has two cc skills(knockdown 3s and chill 4s), and one self-protection skill ( invuluable for 4s), which is my favorite xD.

    The reason why this ESL guy choose S/F in my guess, is that he always harras point by himself, thus he need cc and surviivability.If a team strategy is small roaming group (such as elementalist and guardian in same group, with the protection of guardian), this elementalist can use Scepter/Dagger with flametouch to burst !!! lol

  12. Just introduce some materials for those who need it :)

    First is the contest on ESL, the team fight of ArenaNet internal testers. The best one is an elementalist, this is his showplay:

    He uses scepter/focus as weapons, which means highly control ability and self-protection, for just sacrificing a few burst power. Seems good.

    The second one is a Beta thief player, he shows us the burst of Dagger/Dagger thief, whcih crits to over 5k damage!!


    Notice that this type of thief still have skill to protect himself (shadowrefuge), thus they have burst and survivability both. Amazing!!

    If anyone interests in what their build are, i'll reply more :)

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