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  1. Jguin

    Jguin's Application

    The losers bracket was AMAZING last night! I hope we can get the chance to have more pro players on in the future
  2. Jguin

    Jguin's Application

    Ive listened to 3 of em so far, most of its pretty cool. I enjoy the guests like the ppl from mlg, with it being so popular right now its cool to get an update on the next tourneys.
  3. Jguin

    Jguin's Application

    Thank youuuuuuu!
  4. Jguin

    Jguin's Application

    Thanks for all the love guys!! My old twitter was hacked and suspended so i made a new one, since all that i havent had the time to re-add everyone so feel free to follow me to help me get my acct up and running again! <3 @Jguin89 just added photos of my gift from vVv on my facebook. feel free to add me and check em out!! will be on twitter momentarily!!! https://www.facebook...100003720336918 @jguin89
  5. Jguin

    Spydo's Application

    gl with your app!!!!
  6. idk why but its confusing for me to navigate the forums, ill post a copy of it there as well. thanks angel
  7. I am currently applying for vVv and i have just begun competing in tournaments, but for the time being my builds aren't refined well enough to take out most of the masters. I have been diamond for 2 seasons now and i need someone to help me train alot so i cant breeze into masters and start winning some tourneys for vVv. If you have the time please message me either in game on mumble or pm from this thread so i can get back to you and start training. im looking for any masters I am Diamond Protoss, my code is here Jguin.530 Thank you!!!
  8. Jguin

    Jguin's Application

    LOL @ Plattypus thanks man
  9. I would like to personally add some value to this tranning and get the ball rolling so to speak. I have been looking for consistent practice partners for some time and have only found a few. I believe with a group of players this large we should have at least 5 ppl willing to practice consistently, so far i only see 1-2 ppl in the entire vVv sc2 mumble and only for a short time while the rest of the channels are dominated by people in LoL and SWTOR. I am goin to start inviting people to practice nights ASAP. For now i am goin to see how many i can get per night, and eventually get a giant KOTH night once a week. Please add me so we can start this up!!!! Jguin.530 Channel: vVv Please use channel vVv and not vVv Practice so it can be easier to find people and give us the opportunity to invite others who are willing to practice, i believe no ones knows of vVv practice and i feel that is causing an issue with numbers and the sense of feelin "lonely" in the chat channel
  10. Jguin

    Astro's Application

    GL with your app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. PrismatkCORE Online! gl with your app
  12. Jguin

    Incepts vVv Application

    Inceptsion!! gl with you app
  13. Jguin

    Dream Application

    GL with your app!!!!

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