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  1. Hi, this is Tsunamiie and I'd like to update the vVv community on our recent roster change after MLG Anaheim 2012. Our former top player iDream will be parting his way with the team. Due to bad performance in the last 2 months and no improvement the team decided that he was holding the team back. In the end, we decided it was time to find a replacement. Currently rank 14+th in North American server and the best Nidalee player, the League of Legends team is very happy to announce Bischu as our newest addition to the League of Legends team. Everyone on the team is familiar with Bischu and played many games with him in Solo Queue. We are very confident with his individual skills and we hope to take our team to the next level in the competitive scene. NOTE : Bischu may be rank 1 in the next few days.
  2. Doing a Counter Strike : Global Offensive Beta key giveaway All you need to do to sign up for is like my page on Facebook and follow me on Twitter Good luck https://twitter.com/...#!/vVvTsunamiie http://www.facebook....436125483067565
  3. Had a pretty good game vs TD, if anyone wants to watch Streaming recording from vVv Tsunamiie http://www.twitch.tv/btsunamiie/b/319455349 vVv vs Team Dynamic game starts at 1:47:55
  4. vVv vs Curse Showmatch STREAM LINK : http://www.twitch.tv/curse_lol
  5. vVv League of Legends Team will be participating in the eXe $230+ Tournament next Sat/Sun. First Game starts on Saturday 10 PM PST / 1 PM EST Our games will be casted on this link http://www.own3d.tv/live/235544/eXe_NA_League_of_Legends We'll be taking first we promise :3
  6. www.twitch.tv/btsunamiie vVv Tsunamiie's Perspective Playing on 1300 smurf between matches
  7. This is just an idea I'm throwing out there in case community players might be interested. It's a good way for me to interact with the community as well. A lot of players don't know there's a weekly Dominion tournament hosted by NESL every Monday evening. It's called Conflict on the Crystal Scar. http://www.nationalesl.com/us/#/us/lol/5on5/conflictcrystalscar_29/ This is an Officially Riot Sponsored tournament and 4-8 teams participate in this tournament every week. Top 4 teams are rewarded RP prizes. If you can win 1-2 games you are pretty much guaranteed free RP. The prizes go 1st Place : $20 RP per player 2nd Place : $15 RP per player 3rd/4th Place : $10 RP per player I don't play too much Dominion and don't like it that much either. I might play in a couple but I highly doubt it. So my role in this team won't be as a player, but more of a coach-ish guy. I'll be updating the team on future Dominion tournaments they can participate in and what not. If you are interested in playing in this Dominion team, leave a comment with your - Summoner Name - How much experience you have in Dominion. I'll be playing a couple Dominion games with the applicants this weekend. Whoever carries the hardest gets the team captain role l0l. Good luck *********PSSSSSSSSSSSST*************** My new Facebook page and Twitter could use likes and followers so help me out at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tsunamiie/436125483067565 https://twitter.com/#!/vVvTsunamiie
  8. Wheres Gino Noob? He seemed to have a name change too
  9. I'm not much of a Twitter guy but sure I'll try using it a bit more. All of us has been trying to stream but it looks like only SkiLLY and tRi are the only two with computers that can handle streaming at 720p+. SkiLLY hit 800+ viewers on his stream over the weekend. He generally has a 50-150+ viewers on his stream My AMD x4 635 can't even seem to handle streaming at 480p without hindering my gameplay. Asus is sponsoring LANcouver 2012 in June/July. Hopefully first place prize is something like one of their $1500 gaming series laptops. Maybe we can start streaming after we win one of those? We have no doubt we can win LANcouver 2012. Anyways thanks for the tip, I'll be contacting you in the future for additional advices.

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