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    Zephyrus reacted to MikEvil in Good Luck   
    Good luck to Team Evolution at MLG Dallas ( vVv Shadow, Protecall and Wuts Sharing). Wish I could go to compete with you guys but money does not allow it. Represent us well and I will be keeping up with your movements. Make sure you tweet out your streams so we all can watch.
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    Zephyrus got a reaction from jiggy in application for League of Legends   
    I've played with Jiggsworth for quite a while now... never on LoL though hahadefss have my support, and gl with the app. stay active and all that jazz and im sure you'll do fine
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    Zephyrus reacted to SonTran in SonTran's Terran   
    I dance all the time for unknown reasons and yes, I am a fan of Dragon's

    I even challenged him to an "Underwear" show match BO3, he accepted but time differences suck
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    Zephyrus reacted to Muhdewsa in Pictures of the LordJerith/Doomhammer vVv Place   
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    Zephyrus reacted in PrismatkCORE's application :D   
    lol bout dam time you got your V's son!
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    Zephyrus reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Application for Einherjar   
    Oh, I almost forgot. Can I get you to upload a picture of yourself for your profile and fill out your "About Me" section of your profile? It's required for all members.
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    Zephyrus reacted to vVv OrganicBear in PrismatkCORE's application :D   
    Marking you as having completed pre-interview before I forget.
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    Zephyrus reacted to Meelody in South Korea implements new anti-gaming law   
    I mean.. It isnt THAT bad.

    It's just letting the parents control another aspect of their child's life xD.
    There are more things to do than play games ;(.

    Also, you're that Hyuna person Jerry was telling me about yesterday.
    <~~ I love Hyuna too! . It was my name in League for a while there, then I switched to Hyomin (from T-ara mhm.) I've been a fan of kpop for yeeaars.

    About the future generation being weaker when it comes to gaming, it's possible BUT I think maybe what we'll see is an older range of competitors from SK. ;o.
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    Zephyrus reacted to vVv OrganicBear in TvZ = TvP Bio Build?   
    A few notes:

    - Bio is all about exploiting the mobility of your units to be a greedy bitch. Mass expand as much as possible and supplement with mules.
    - I believe the current meta favors marine/tank into fast third. You need cloaked ghosts and vikings late game (probably want at least 3 reactored starports to deal with the corruptor/bl switch) and the economy to support it. Without cloaked ghosts you'll never deal with the queen/infestor/bl army as transfuse is OP.
    - You can add reactor hellions to help do harass and deal with ling runbys, since you're building the factory anyway.
    - Banes will wreck you if you can't keep up with the zerg economy
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    Zephyrus reacted to BluDragon in BluDragon's Zerg   

    I'm a semi-regular streamer, I usually stream every night. I do custom games, laddering, trolling 4s. I also so some entertainment, and I am also a filmmaker, so you will find some videos I've done and/or working on. Hope you can come by and enjoy the show!

    Warning: Rage will be shown.
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    Zephyrus got a reaction from FTK_xMileena in vVv App   
    Ok, Imma get my internet and such hooked up this week. Imma shujinko you so hard. (Yeah i used shujinko as a verb. And he's not even in this game. lol)

    You'll prolly kick my ass, but I have sega experience and on! HAHA
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    Zephyrus got a reaction from FTK_xMileena in vVv App   
    Hey Yao, you Play MK9 on Ps3 or sexbox? I might be game for a few matches when I get my internet in a week if PS3
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    Zephyrus reacted to Swisher Sweets in PrismatkCORE's application :D   
    well come to vVv , whats with the app ? im not to sure but I see alot of writing on it. But anyways let me know if you need anything !
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    Zephyrus reacted to SonTran in Blizzard's HUGE Announcement! [MUST READ]   
    After about 3 years

    "Hell...it's about time" -Tychus

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    Zephyrus reacted to Smile in PrismatkCORE's application :D   
    Best of luck good sir.
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    Zephyrus reacted to vVv LordJerith in PrismatkCORE's application :D   
    Good conversations in shoutbox. . . especially about prom dresses ;-)
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    Zephyrus got a reaction from GoSuAcmeSv in GoSuAcmeSv   
    yee mang, gl with ur app! keep acive, do the twitter and watch the podcasts and be social. you'll do fine. =)
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    Zephyrus reacted to Hasuu in Music while playing SC2?   
    Dubstep, Metal, Trance, PsyTrance, Hard Dance, Hard Trance, Electro House, Progressive, Techno, Heavy Metal..

    shit just about everything I guess..

    omfg what is dubstep?>!?!?

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    Zephyrus reacted to vVv LordJerith in BlameGame's StarCraft 2 Application   
    Let me answer this by asking you, how do you think you are doing?
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    Zephyrus reacted to Hasuu in PrismatkCORE's application :D   
    I totally forgot to reply on your app, Justin! Sorry .

    Highly recommend this guy to vVv. Good hearted, highly talented in music and gaming, and works pretty hard to improve.
    He's also basically family because he's dating my sister! Beware... all eyes watch you now... .. .. ... .. .. .. j/k

    A Star Craft family brewing. Two sisters, a brother, and my old man play. Now Justin. Keep em coming everyone!
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    Zephyrus reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Starcraft 2 Team Training Nights   
    It's time to get serious. Wanna watch our SC2 team practice? We are now holding practice every Sunday and Monday from 8 PM until 11 PM EST. The Starcraft 2 team will be training together to improve for major LAN events and tournaments. In the spirit of vVv Gaming, the team wants you, any vVv member or applicant, to come spectate their games. Bring a practice partner, too.

    By bringing a large group of players together, we will allow players in our SC2 community to find each other and even set up practice games with each other—although our SC2 team will only be playing with other members of the SC2 team. Anybody who wants to find a practice partner for SERIOUS training is welcome to come, but this is not a social event.

    The first Training Night will take place this Sunday, September 4th in the SC2 mumble channel "Training Night".
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    Zephyrus got a reaction from Jguin in Jguin's Application   
    LOL Cheese. I love getting cheesed cause im just laughing at it about how I lost to that and just how clever it can be xD

    anyway, glgl with ur app, if u wana partner, lemme know! Join the vVv chat group etc

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