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    SonTran got a reaction from RazorHedge in Well this certainly is a cool little thing   
    Btw...at the end of the clip 2:02, that is indeed a Battlecruiser crashing down onto that city.
    Possibly Mengsk's flagship?
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    SonTran got a reaction from Traumer in Byun vs Hero in U&D's   
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    SonTran got a reaction from Braindrainer` in Reminder: be careful when Streaming! Absolute Legends player streams himself on Twitch watching Porn and playing with more than just his mouse...   
    I don't believe so, you did state that it was NSFW, and even the content in the stie says it IS NSFW, so it's not really your fault because someone else is going to wind up spreading the video around anyways
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    SonTran got a reaction from Zephyrus in SonTran's Terran   
    I dance all the time for unknown reasons and yes, I am a fan of Dragon's

    I even challenged him to an "Underwear" show match BO3, he accepted but time differences suck
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    SonTran reacted to InfestedOne in InfestedOne's Application   
    Name - Dylan Graham Warren
    Age - 16 (17 July 29th
    In game name - InfestedOne.687 (Battle.net Profile - http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/profile/989277/1/InfestedOne/ )
    Twitter -
    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/dwarren95
    Social Networking - I use Facebook EVERY day. I rarely use Twitter and don't use Digg or Google+.
    Hearing about vVv - How DIDN'T I hear about vVv is more like the question. With players like "vVvRuff" and "vVvTitan" doing well, it's hard not to. I also saw two episodes on HuskyStarcraft's Youtube Channel ( http://www.youtube.com/huskystarcraft ) awhile back about vVvSpectral, the disabled Starcraft 2 player. Personally, I think it's amazing that he is able to play in Master's League despite his paralysis. As a referral, I was referred to vVv by Malcom Heath aka "vVvShaft".
    Who I know - I know "vVvShaft." I've played many practice games with this guy.
    Why I'm interested - I'm interested because you guys have AMAZING players and I want to be apart of that.
    Value - Personally, I would add value to vVv by doing coaching for lower level players, whether they are apart of vVv or not, free of charge. I would also like to cast games live with other casters, but my internet is to slow to actually stream.
    Familiarity - To be honest, I am not familiar with them.
    How long I've been playing - Gaming has been a passion of mine since I was 5 or so.
    Hours - I devote the maximum I can. About 20 hours a week MINIMUM!
    Division and Points - Diamond (Ultralisk Tau) and 279 points.
    Gamer - Competitive on ladder with NO BM, and casual gamer with friends. (Friendly competition)
    Up and coming games - I'm looking forward to Diablo 3 as well as Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm
    Hobbies - Outside of gaming, I love to read. I also spend as much time with my girlfriend as possible. (Hard to do with a passion like gaming) I also have a part time job milking cows on a farm. (Southeast Missouri is nothing BUT farms. Other than that, I attend high school like any other teenager.
    Next year - Next year at this time, I will be graduating high school and if I can become really good at Starcraft, then I hope to become a pro gamer. Other than that, I haven't thought it out that much.

    Please take my application into serious consideration. I would love to join vVv.
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    SonTran got a reaction from Fearless (ex vVv) in Replay Casting   
    You actually did a good job, just have confidence in yourself and refine it. I see you going places!

    If you want, I can supply more replays for you
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    SonTran reacted to crjunior in Any one that have any tips for a new terran player?   
    Hi, I was woundering if anyone have any small tips or guides for terran, cues im a bit new to terran and the only thing I know for terran is 1baracks into expand, and just holding to that build will not work in the long run
    So is there anyone that can help me with this?
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    SonTran got a reaction from Zephyrus in Blizzard's HUGE Announcement! [MUST READ]   
    After about 3 years

    "Hell...it's about time" -Tychus

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    SonTran got a reaction from BlameGame in SC2 mini patch+ Opinions on sc2 generally   
    You get an Observer buff so you know what is going on before you get a surprise
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    SonTran got a reaction from BlameGame in SC2 mini patch+ Opinions on sc2 generally   
    Okay, I'm going to throw this in there. Agree or disagree me if you want.

    Zerg cries Terran is imba
    Terran cries that Protoss is imba
    Protoss cries Zerg is IMBA

    It all comes down to strategy folks! If you can't beat it, more than likely is because you didn't find the right counter
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    SonTran got a reaction from BlameGame in SC2 mini patch+ Opinions on sc2 generally   
    Overlord Buff: ok
    Observer Buff: ok
    Queen getting 50 energy: Give OC 100 starting energy and Nexus 75 energy then ok
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    SonTran got a reaction from Favored in Favored sc2 APP!   
    Good luck!
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    SonTran got a reaction from RelentlessM in Relentless's Video Commentator/Director Application   
    I feel that you know how to hype things up!

    Here's an example:

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    SonTran got a reaction from Voided in Congratulations to justBunneh for winning the Iron Lady Tournament   
    Bracket: http://www.nationalesl.com/us/ironlady/sc2/padpd4/rankings/

    Amazing performance from a fellow vVv applicant!!
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    SonTran reacted in SonTran's Application   
    Welcome to vVv, SonTran! i wish you good luck on your application! out of the 18-23 hours you game is it all on starcraft2 or is there other games you like to play? and just remember to stay active is key for your application check out the losers bracket, WNS, and even try to come to our practice nights(sunday,monday). Again welcome to vVv! and good luck!

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