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    BabyToss got a reaction from kptae in Hanism's application   
    If you want to join my Academy team, please feel free to contact me through forum PM or just add me on skype, it's listed in my profile. We are currently looking for Master lvl Terran to fill our ranks.
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    BabyToss got a reaction from kptae in Hanism's application   
    Hello there,

    My Aspire is actually looking for a Masters Terran to fill up a spot after player who resigned his position. Now, are you available on Mondays & Fridays at 9 pm EST? As well as on Wednesdays at 7 pm EST? How active are you? Let me know.

    might I add, that due to your age, you'd probably be a good fit to my team, as I have quite few people of the similar age group, myself included. But, a commitment & dedication is required, so let me know, if you can put in the time.
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    BabyToss got a reaction from Reere in Five problems of StarCraft II   
    The attitude of a lott of high level players is definitelly an issue. They grow quite an ego and expect everyone to fall down to their knees, just because they reached that grandmaster (High Master) league. Not only that, but they also become too self-centered and take the skills they have for granted, so everyone, who is below them is a scrub not worth their time, unless they pay them money. The way I see it - That is imo why we also see very few high level players invested into helping others to raise - it means that there would be less opportunities for them, and since there already very few "spots", they do not need more competition for these "spots".

    I'd very much prefer to see the higher level players being more interested in growing our game; as raising new generation of players would mean the game will keep going on, as well as we'd get to see more players on the scene. So, definitelly, the attitude needs a serious shift. But then again; there's still very little support for that mid-level class of players from the organizations and tournament organizers. That is also why we will always see the same players on the top, as breaking through to the scene is close to impossible.
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    BabyToss got a reaction from Grog in Zerg Coaching! Whoop whoop!   
    Yup, coaches are allowed to play in the leagues/practices (practices are actually required), etc. We amended that, simply because a lot of people with higher skills are usually competitive and interested in competing in teamleagues, as well as gaining solid practice partners; and because they put in the work of both practicing to remain in the gaming shape; as well as they dedicate their time on the team mentoring their students, they should get something out of it as well. Being a coach on the Aspire is a position of responsibility, gives an opportunity to shape the team and represent us in the teamleagues as well.
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    BabyToss got a reaction from RazorHedge in Aspire Team #2   
    Good luck.
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    BabyToss got a reaction from Einherjar in Aspire running SC2 community night?   
    Hey guys,

    I was thinking, that we need to start being more involved with the community. It'll help us to look out for potential players, should we even miss some, we'll know the vVv SC2 community more too, and we will create something, people can look up to, a solid base of vVv Gaming. It is a fact, that in regards of community activity, there's barely anything happening; and we are somewhat trying to set a positive example, so why not take it further than that. Regardless of that, some of you may find new friends & new practice partners, and that never hurts.

    So, is this something we want to run? I'd like Ambush to handle this, but of course, we all would be behind this, chipping our own bit, as I want this to be OUR project, the team project we run. Atm, the general opinion may be, that vVv SC2 community doesn't exist. Well, then it's time we nudge things a bit. At first, just few people will come; then more, more and more.

    I'm open to suggestions, as to how we can do this + day we'd set this little thingy up!
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    BabyToss got a reaction from Einherjar in Aspire userbars   
    Thought it'd be good to show proudly our membership to our team. So, in a spare time, I made those.

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    BabyToss got a reaction from Dream (ex vVv) in Zerg/Terran/Protoss Free Coaching   
    Great initiative. Hit this guy up.
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    BabyToss reacted to vVv OrganicBear in Monthly SC2 Town Hall Meetings   
    The next meeting will be held Sunday, December 9th at 8PM EST ON MUMBLE

    Hello everyone! I want to set up some meetings where I can sit down and chat with all interested parties, be they members of vVv's SC2 Division, applicants, or just people within the community who are interested in vVv Gaming for one reason or another. In order to accomplish this, I will be holding monthly meetings, the first Wednesday of every month (starting August 1st) at 8 PM EST.

    The agenda we will cover:
    - Anything happening with the SC2 team for the past month
    - Anything happening with the Aspire team for the past month
    - Any general news of interest (i.e. MLGs coming up, staff changes, etc.)
    - And most importantly, YOUR passions! I want to know what our community members are passionate about, be it a new game, some hobby, sharing knowledge, producing content, etc. I want to know what has your attention so that I can learn how to enable the division to be the best, most productive place possible. No matter what your passion is, I'm interested in it and would like to spend time every month brainstorming ways to turn it into something mutually beneficial to yourself and vVv!

    I look forward to meeting with everyone next month
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    BabyToss reacted to HyunA in Makuly's PvZ Guide patch 1.4.3   
    Hey vVv!
    Makuly.787 on NA here. High masters/low gm protoss. I have been coaching awhile and it occurred to me to make a guide to help players reach Diamond/Masters. I cannot take entire credit as I copied the format and SOME material from The GrandMaster Manual from sc2sea.com. This is material I've gathered since 2010 and it's designed to help lower league players hit masters. It has been given to many of my students and now I share it here, with vVv! Enjoy!

    Protoss vs Zerg

    General tips:
    -Limiting surface area- zerg units are cheap and it takes a few units to stand up to 1 protoss unit
    -Zerg strength is in numbers so it's crucial to position and use forcefields
    -Always wall your base!
    -Do not get flanked and get caught in an open area- you will die. Walk along edges of cliffs so they can only come from one side
    -Keep observers in key movement areas. Keep 2-3 scattered.
    -Limit access points, as zerg units are very mobile. Block off wide areas with buildings so only there is only 1 point of entry

    Game Flow:
    -FFE (if you do not know the proper BO i will provide it to you specifically)
    -Scout with hallucation or obs to know what to do
    - Perform all in or semi- all in
    -if not or it fails with even trades, take a third asap
    -Scout again to see what opponent's doing (most common is tech switch into mutalisks)
    -TURTLE to deathball
    -Perform 3 base timing push before broodlords are morphed in OR
    -Turtle until mothership comes out while taking a 4th base + getting archons for archon toilet

    Timing Attacks /2Base All-Ins:
    -Currently timing attacks (2base all ins) are extremely strong vs zerg. Although it may seem shameful to do it there is no harm
    in abusing your race's strength. Good/perfect force fields and blink micro are required to make this work as well as selecting
    good engagements.

    -They are best followed through when you gain an early game advantage, the zerg doesnt expect it or doesnt scout, or zerg misreads
    or does not prepare properly and over drones. The latter is the most common reason.
    -Even if you micro perfectly and he reacts perfectly it is still extremely hard for zerg to stop!

    These are the most common all-ins at the moment:
    -7/8 gate with or without +1 zealot stalker all in (obviously 7 gate without +1 hits the earliest)
    -7Gate +2 blink stalker all in
    -2 Immortal 6/7gate prism all in
    *If you are interested in learning all ins let me know and I will teach you privately, as everyone has specific problems.

    -It's important to note these are all ins, because if the zerg stops it perfectly, you are dead
    But if you do some damage and the game is even there is still hope. Though pretty much with these builds,
    if you fail there is no coming back unless your opponent is bad.
    -After a timing attack and the game is still even, when you take your third base you must turtle until you have 180+ food.
    This is because zerg can easily max out during this period, and having a measly ~110 food protoss army you will not be able to win.
    So turtle on 3base and get your deathball!

    Standard Macro game:
    -Open with 3/4 gates + stargate after FFE
    -Do all-in OR
    -2-3 void 5 pheonix harassment for pressure/ map control/ scouting/ denying creep spread
    -Stop making air after max 3 voidrays and transition into colossi for macro game
    NOTE: it's always important to rush +3 weapons upgrade especially when using colossi.
    Colossi upgrades add +2 to its damage because their attacks are 'dual,' so upgrades end up with +4!
    Always rush upgrades- you'll notice a huge difference!

    It's recommended to open with stargate as it is easier to transition into mothership.
    Also several bad zergs will die to some air pressure and you win right there!

    Using warp prism harass:
    -allows you to secure third base safely while distracting the zerg
    -harassment ability provided (make sure to get speed!)

    Mass cannons at expansions (incase ling runbys)
    Warp prism harass
    dual chrono upgrades
    Blink stalkers + colossi + archons/templars + immortal + mothership (otherwise known as THE deathball)

    vs Roach max -> immortal sentry blink stalker -> add colossi later
    vs Mutalisks -> Blink stalkers + high templar or mass pheonix with +2 range upgrade
    vs Broodlord infestor -> archon toilet, high templar for feedback on infestors

    Archon toilet:
    This is when you vortex broodlords/corrupters and dump archons into it. When the vortexed is finished, all the air units
    stack, and as archons do splash damage, it instantly kills ALL the air army!
    Things to look out for:
    If he dumps banelings into the vortex, do NOT put your archons in as it will render them useless.
    If he dumps a bunch of infested terrans into the vortex, the same applies
    This situation is very micro intensive and there is no easy way around it.

    So far this is the ONLY effective way to deal with infestor/broodlord! It is a sad truth, so that is why many protoss try to kill the zerg
    with a 2base all in or 3base timing. Like SKMC said at RedBull (who is the best PvZer in the world atm imo): 2base all in, 3 base all in.
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    BabyToss reacted to HyunA in Makuly's PvT Guide patch 1.4.3   
    It seems my PvT and PvP guides have disappeared for some reason. If it was closed I was not notified, so I apologize in advance! I hope this is not spam A re-upload of my PvT and PvP

    Protoss vs Terran

    Using power of colossi to deal damage to infantry balls OR using mass gateway style with upgrades
    Forcefields to trap his army, preventing kiting, and creatnig favorable positions of engagement
    Nearby pylons and charge/blink upgrades for quick reinforcements

    Terrans seem limited in their strategies and only go MMM or 1/1/1. Using colossi is the safer and easier way to deal
    with MMM, relying on good forcefields early game. There is no harm playing safe and defensive. Usually terrans
    perform multi prong attacks while macroing up, so it's important to play reactive for mid game and defending all drops
    successfully with good observer spread, pylons aroudn the map and control of the watch towers.
    As the game progresses, you want your army to consist of colossi and a large amount gateway units for support with upgrades
    Late game you should add templars for addtional DPS (AOE > infantry). After you have this twirling deathball terrans will be unable to fight you
    head on and be force to kite your deathball, making it much more micro intensive for them, and not for us, hence their
    constant complaints of protoss a-moving

    Micro tips:
    -Dealing with kiting - when he kites your zealots, make sure your stalkers are kiting as well. Stalkers have faster movespeed
    so while he is kiting your zealots the stalkers are dealing dps from behind
    -Charge over blink in general. A chargelot is significantly stronger than a zealot. Blink stalkers first are for defensive
    catching of drops as well as kiting+ chasing down won battles (however if you choose blink first if you do not
    catch the drops in time it will be pointless, so you'll need really good map awareness, once those units are out of the
    medivac your blink is useless)

    -Zealots are tanks, sentries for guardian shield and FFs to prevent kiting, and stalkers for DPS + kill vikings
    -When all your zealots have died, it's important to back out because stalkers are very fragile
    -You want to fight in narrow channels as much as possible, use forcefields to trap his army and colossi' splash damage
    will be amplified
    -Colossi range upgrade- one of the best upgrades in the game. Get it early and always pay close attention to your coloss in battles.
    Keep them a safe distance away from the infantry. Pay close attention and be quick to pull back if he focus fires them.

    Additional tips:
    -Making pylons around the map for 1) key scouting information and 2) reinforcing quickly to battlegrounds. with
    good map vision you will be able to shut down any potential drops easily.
    -Keep observers in key movement areas. Scatter 2-3.
    -Vs players who love blue flame hellions, sim city your buildings in a way that the vulnerable path to the mineral line is blocked by buildings
    and place 1-2 cannons.
    -Always dual chrono forges. Gateway units with superior upgrades are imba vs terran infantry! Armor upgrades make zealots
    live almost forever!

    Game Flow:
    -1Gate FE into 3gate robo with gas with decent sentry count
    -Scout terran expansion. If no expansion assume he's doing 1-1-1 and play reactively/defensively. If he expands then...
    -3 gate pressure or just directly tech for colossi
    -Mid game now- remember to play reactively and defensively, stopping all drops and getting your ht/colossi combo

    Spotting 1-1-1 plays:
    -bunker in base
    -Making marines only
    -No poke at 5 min and you have full control of towers

    The best way to stop it is to STOP PROBING. Make 3 observers, one to each of your base, anticipating banshee or hellion harass
    and one to infront of his base to see when he is moving out. Chrono immortals and get up to 5/6 gateways and wait for the
    inevitable all in.
    *Note: group immortals seperately and focus fire tanks

    Timing attacks
    Listed are the most common 2base timing attacks:

    -6/7 Gate all in
    -Immortal bust
    -Colossi timing (can be a pressure while taking third)
    -Chargelot Archon timing with +2/+2

    *if you're interested in learning all ins/timings let me know during coaching so i can teach you the BOs

    Standard Macro game:
    This is the safest and surest way to win. The goal is to reach your ht/colossi deathball. Two methods of doing this:
    -Fast colossi with observer for scout, get chargelot + third, then add templars. When he gets vikings to deal with your
    colossi transition quickly to templar/archon (it's important not to make too many colossi as it is easy to kill when they simply
    mass vikings then your army is worthless)
    -Mass gateway style with 2 forge upgrade. You rely on good forcefields for survival in the first 10 mins. After you get +1/+1
    and charge you can a-move your way in most battles. Tech to colossi OR templar after and add a third base.

    Late Game:
    -3/3 upgrades by 15 min
    -Charge/blink by 15 min
    -Multiple observers on popular drop channels + on your army (cloaked ghosts). Be sure to make
    plenty of observers as terran sniping obs is a common thing
    -4Gateways per expansion guideline
    -1 Robo per 5Gateways
    -Constant tech switch from colossi and archon/templar. If he makes too many vikings- get templar, if he
    gets too many ghosts- get colossi
    -Pylon spread for vision + warp ins
    -Cannons at expansions with 1-2 high templar for feedback/storm
    -Make sure to engage near a proxy pylon. This way you can reinforce your army instantly in his face from 20 gateways
    while his reinforcements are still in production
    *Remember to use blink to chase down his medivacs when he is retreating so he has to keep making them!
    -Speed prism for harassment/taking down expansions
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    BabyToss reacted to HyunA in Makuly's PvP Guide patch 1.4.3   
    Protoss vs Protoss

    Pretty one dimensional. The best way to play revolves using the power of warp gates early game and colossi late game.
    This is where the most cheese happens (namely cannon rush and proxy 2gates). Early game most importantly you are either
    4gating or defending it. The reason for this is because the build order is extremely tight, making only 20 probes,
    the timing is super tight as well, as the defender cannot make too many probes or they will die (obviously this
    works best if they don't scout it or were tricked (fake gas, etc). It is micro intensive and hard to stop if executed well (for a lesser player)
    Although the 4gate has been nerfed, it is still extremely powerful,and many grandmasters still 4gate regularly (MC anyone?).
    So, I encourage 4gating in PvP.

    General tips:
    -Early game - reinforce your army quickly from warpgates, never be supply blocked, and react apprioriately to opponent's build
    -Late game you want archons, chargelots, colossi, mothership, and warp prisms for multi harass
    -Always get 2 robo and weapons upgrade.
    -Always remember to SPREAD colossi to reduce splash damage taken from his colossi and to simultaneously
    attack several areas at once

    Colossi vs Immortal
    Colossi is better than immortals simply because of their range. An upstraight battle of immortal vs colossi, the immortal will win.
    However, even with the immortal range buff, it can't even touch colossi, and with proper micro colossi will always win.
    Immortals also do not provide splash damage, so the bigger the numbers get, the harder colossi will own immortals.
    Immortals cannot break force fields. FF> everything until archons/colossi.


    Option 1:Aggressive 4gating
    Although this build is extremely one dimensional and lame it is the safest and strongest build in PvP. In theory, any tech dies
    to 4gate, assuming both levels have equal levels of micro, or at least takes heavy damage. Defensive 4gating allows punishment
    for teching too fast and expansion builds.

    The 20 probe 4gate:
    12 gate
    13 gas
    Core-> zealot -> stalker
    22 2nd, 3rd, 4th gateway
    24 2nd stalker

    *20 probes only, 1 zealot, 1 stalker, 2 pylons in base, 3rd and 4th outside
    *Only chrono twice on nexus, the rest are spent on warp tech
    *The most important part of this build is NOT to forget to chrono your warp tech!!

    Execution tips:
    When your first stalker pops, go straight to his base. From here you have a 2 options how to place your proxy pylons
    1. place 3rd below his ramp and 4th above his ramp (for vision)
    2. place 3rd pylon near his base, and 4th below his ramp

    If he opens with 3 stalkers, delay your 4gate (there is no way you can beat 3 stalkers with 1 zlot 1 stalker unless his control is terrible,
    and you wont even be able to set up your 3rd/4th)
    The most important part of the execution is getting high ground vision. Once you have it, quickly warp in zealots and he's done for!

    Micro tips:
    Focus fire his stalkers with your stalkers. Let the zealots tank, don't control them. Stalker count is extremely important in early game
    PvP so try to keep them alive! If anyone masses zealots just laugh and kite them all day

    Option 2: Rock Paper Scissors!

    Now let's assume no one 4gates. Here is a summary of this "coin flip":
    Stargate > Robo
    Robo > Council
    Council > Stargate
    More specifically,
    Pheonix openings die to blink stalker openings or DT openings
    Robo openings kill DT openings and blink stalker openings
    Blink stalker/DT openings kill pheonix openings
    1Base colossus kills expansion builds

    Every build order has a counter, there is nothing solid. No standard BO. Also it is not recommended to expand in PvP,
    as almost any 1base all in will kill you.

    If you insist on not 4gating, the next safest build you can do is 1-2gate robo opening. This will kill DT/blink builds, deals with
    robo openings, with it's only real weakness dying to blind pheonix openings and 4gate if you have poor control.
    Afterwards you make an observer, scout, and react accordingly to the opponent's build.

    For being able to deal with 2/3 of the tech paths available, Robo opening is not too bad for macro PvP.

    -If he somehow let's you scout he's teching off 1-2 gates, aim to end the game instantly with 4gates.
    -If you feel he's going to expand, 1base colossus or blink all in. You outright win.
    -If you feel he's going to blink all in, get immortals asap, expand after the attack and get a critical mass of colossus
    before moving out
    -If you see him 4gating, opt a defensive 4gate or 3gate with 2 gas, then tech to colossi.
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    BabyToss reacted to vVv LordJerith in vVv Gaming Revises Application Process   
    As eSports and technology change, so must vVv Gaming adapt in order to stay ahead. Our first change is a reduction in the application time to 30 days. All applicants will be reviewed at the 30-day mark to see if they are a good fit for vVv Gaming. We can extend this if we feel it is needed, but we also want to do less babysitting, and we will also be more aggressive closing apps if they don't "get it" 30 days into the application process.

    Most importantly, we decided that we needed a process that was more friendly and allowed applicants to tell us how THEY want to add value. Here are the methods that add value to vVv Gaming:
    Bloggers: Link us to your blogs so that we can evaluate if they are a good fit for vVv Gaming.
    Casters: Link us to examples of your casting so that we can determine if your content is a good fit for vVv Gaming.
    Donator ($15 per month): You like to game. Your time is precious, you want a community of skilled, social and intelligent gamers. You want to be a part of vVv Gaming, but real life does not make it easy for you to add value in other ways, so you donate.
    Game Guru (Subject Matter Expert): You know everything about a game. It’s not that you think you know everything about the game, it’s that everyone in the game respects your opinion. To prove that you are well respected, please share links to the game related forums proving your expertise.
    Graphic Artists: Link us to examples of your work so we can determine if the style and skill are a good fit for vVv Gaming.
    Socialite (vVv Forum Commando or loveable troll): You live in the vVv shoutbox. You love meeting new people and your posts are not just quantity; they are quality. When people log onto the vVv Gaming forums, you are one of those people whom everyone expects to see, and you make them feel at home.
    Social Media Expert (Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube): You live on Social Media and are addicted with getting the latest information and sharing it with others. You can live on a diet of tweets, retweets, likes, follows, upvotes and comments.
    Staff (Business Development, Sales, Team Manager, Tournament Organizer, etc): You’re professional. You have a resume full of positions that demonstrates your experience in eSports, Gaming or Community Development.
    Streamers: Link us to your stream so that we can determine if you are a good fit for vVv Gaming.
    Writers/Editors: Link us to articles so that we can determine if the content is a good fit for vVv Gaming.
    Video Producer: Link us to your YouTube channel and other videos you've created so that we can determine if your content is a good fit for vVv Gaming.

    You should notice that we want proof of what you did BEFORE applying to vVv Gaming for all the BOLD items. The two underlined items show ways to add value that do not require any previous proof. Again, we will evaluate you based on how YOU tell us that you will add value to vVv Gaming.

    We will ask all applicants and vVv members to do at least ONE thing well every month. Some may always do the same thing well, some may switch it up. The key is to constantly add value. Of course, if you want extra credit, do more than one of these at a high level, but always do at least one really well.

    Our next Chop-chop date is June 15th. You have 30 days to add value well. Good Luck.
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    BabyToss reacted to vVv Paradise in REVIEW: SteelSeries Sensei - vVv Paradise   
    On my recent trip to Chicago I received a new SteelSeries Sensei mouse and I wanted to share my thoughts on this incredible piece of equipment! Is the Sensei worth a purchase? In short: YES! Check out my video review on YouTube here:

    Purchase your own SteelSeries Sensei on the SteelSeries Website here.

    If you already have a Sensei and would like the vVv Gaming bitmap I used in the video, click here: Sensei Mouse vVv Bitmap.bmp
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    BabyToss reacted to vVv LordJerith in The Talent Factory: Skills for eSports. Skills for Life.   
    The Talent Factory: Skills for eSports. Skills for Life.

    As many of you know, in March of this year vVv Gaming celebrated its 5 year anniversary. This weekend, I have had the opportunity to reflect on what we want to accomplish in the next 5 years. While thinking about the right direction to set, it is important to look at where we are today.

    vVv Gaming is the most accomplished console organization in the world. With top 4 LAN finishes on 4 continents across 18 titles. Beyond our accomplishments we are also widely recognized as one of the best, multi-title eSports communities in the world. Personally, I believe we have some of the finest people in gaming. I also think that our unique community based model has been a competitive advantage to our brand and our sponsors. As I think about the next 5 years, I keep thinking about something that Kim Rom, the chief marketing officer of Steel Series, said to me a couple years ago. He said to me, “vVv Gaming is a 'talent factory'.” Talent Factory. Think about that. I think everyone knows that in our model we don’t go out and purchase the top talent. We focus on potential, we explain opportunity. Most importantly we also build community.

    So knowing all of this, as I started thinking about the next 5 years. Those two words keep coming back to me: talent factory.

    We have accomplished everything that we set out to do in our first five years, and obviously so much more. I believe that vVv Gaming, our staff, our players, and our community have a seat at the table. We play a vital and important role in eSports. I think vVv Gaming is one of the most recognized brands in eSports, but sometimes I think it is misunderstood. I do not want to focus on why we are sometimes misunderstood. As you can imagine, when I start to think about setting goals for vVv Gaming, it starts to get tougher and tougher to raise the bar. I keep thinking; will getting a top-10 Starcraft placement make a difference? Do we really need to win more? Do we also need to be the most accomplished PC organization? Would doing that really help eSports grow?

    There's an old saying, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” I believe over the next 5 years we should focus on how we can help that eSports tide to rise. When I start to think about it, when I start to think about the explosive growth we have had recently with games like Starcraft 2 and League of Legends, I believe we have more opportunities and needs than we have the talent available to fill them. There is that word again: talent. Talent Factory.

    As I think of the next five years, I think maybe vVv Gaming needs to embrace being a talent factory. I think we need to be more than just an awesome, phenomenal gaming community. I think we need to be a talent factory.

    I bet most of you right now are probably thinking: “Jerry, thats great, but arent we already doing that?” To which I respond to you, “Yes we have.” What we have not done is formally mapped out a strategy and process nor have we done a good job of telling the world that we are a great talent factory. To be fair, we probably are more like a talent mill than a full fledged talent factory. So thinking about the future, I would like to change that. I would like to be a talent factory not just for players but the kind of staff and infrastructure that eSports will continue to need for growth.

    Before setting this new direction, I want to make sure of two things. The first is that for most of everything we do, there wont be any changes. We will continue to sponsor players, and grow community, and do everything we love. I need the community and staff to understand that everything we do right now, we will continue to do. Remember, this direction is about GROWTH, not about change. The second thing is that I want to know if the staff, the vVv Gaming community, the fans, and others involved in eSports believe that this direction is helpful. Of course, I am most concerned what the vVv community and staff think about this.

    So I am asking all of you, do you think its a good idea for vVv Gaming to really build on the foundations we already have in place, and by foundations I mean this talent mill? Should we develop full speed into a talent factory, developing staff, writers, editors, eSports analysts, graphic artists, etc? Here is a academic way to look at the idea of a Talent Factory:

    vVv is essentially the community college of esports at the moment. We get people prepared to represent themselves as players, as gamers, and therefore also ready to properly represent vVv Gaming. Everyone involved in the professional world should have skills. We transform vVv into the University of e-sports where people can branch off into more specialized fields and therefore set themselves up for employment in, and create value for, the emerging e-sports "industry" (we're not an industry yet, but hopefully, we will be soon).

    I look forward to hearing all your thoughts and ideas. Be honest. Feel free to ask tough questions. Feel free to tell me that you have dreams of working in eSports full time.

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    BabyToss got a reaction from Jguin in Jguin's Application   
    Good luck with your app...

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