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    BabyToss got a reaction from Reere in Thoughts on our new application process   
    While the new app process is nice, and it really allows people to do what they really want, to shine in vVv Gaming, I see the month or sometimes even longer application process as a bit too excessive, perhaps. Especially with not enough feedback at times (and it did happen in past, it's getting better though) - so the applicant then probably thinks we are not interested in them. I'd say, that it would be wiser to shorten the waiting period to 14 days. It is still enough time for us to see, if they truly wish to comit and be part of vVv, but it doesn't deter those, who want to be part of vVv for too long, to actually be part of it.

    We've lost some good applicants because of this in particular - I think more direct and quicker approach should be taken, while still upkeeping the brand with the cautious nature we've always had. (pre-interviews & interview with Doomhammer).

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