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  1. Sadly, there was a huge lack of passion for SC2 not just from you, but the upper management. That I feel is the biggest mistake happening in vVv. Jerry, Doom, Jason, you=> everyone involved in making the crucial decisions in vVv was more interested in LoL. That's fine I guess, but then, there's a problem for SC2 people to even get any support, if all of you basicly didn't care about the game and the division. And honestly, you should've stepped down as SC2 manager and work towards finding someone to replace you sooner, if you, yourself knew you had no longer passion/time/mood for managing SC2 team. We all might've be free of what transpired a week ago. Personally, I felt the lack of passion from any of you was the biggest downer, and dropping John was simply the proverbial last straw. Alas, I've moved on and accepted that everyone makes mistakes. Best of luck in what you guys do. ~BT
  2. Can't imagine the nerdgasm when LotV is released tho... sooooooo many Protoss. Cinematics w/ Protoss, that'll be instant nerdgasm for me, since even this Zerg thing seems to be nicely done.
  3. Who cares about WoW. They should invest into SC2 and eSport, so we crush all the competition.
  4. You know I wubs you, even though you are a Zerg player. So, keep your chin up, keep sticking to us, we wubs you forever.
  5. Already wished you once, even earlier than everyone else, but have a good one!
  6. Return of the PatchZergs. Ohhh yeah. We needed JUST that ^.^
  7. Alright, another CW lined up for us. Please post below if you can make it. Again, BO7 format.
  8. Well, need to pracitce more.. everyone seemed somewhat out of practice. If we don't step it up, the other Aspire will soon be much stronger than us. We don't want that, do we...
  9. Kinda sucks that Mamaship core lost the detection ability... :/
  10. Once the details are released, I will post them. This is the only thing I have from them for now. Don't worry.
  11. Fightingggg.. Always will be behind you.
  12. Apparently, they forgot some teams, so 10 more teams added in the original post.
  13. Hey guys, So, today I've got an e-mail from the organizators of IPTL - with the list of signed up teams. 1. Triumph eSports - JLewSC@gmail.com 2. Snooze - rdetz23@gmail.com 3. Invictus Gaming - edison@igaming.com.cn 4. Under Rated Gaming - kilokilo2@hotmail.com 5. Elite Gaming - franco_zbk@hotmail.com 6. 4Nothing - daryl.langs@gmail.com 7. Renegades of Hell Team - gooz@rohteam.net 8. Shift+4 Gaming - zach@leaguepedia.com 9. Supply Zero - adrijoder@supplyzero.com 10. Team eXe - fschwartzsoundtech@gmail.com 11. eXe Ghost Squad - Link462@yahoo.com 12. Team oGaming - Freezer_au@hotmail.com 13. Team PrOperty - pedram_g@hotmail.com 14. NewRoSoft - SL1mxXx@yahoo.com 15. xO Gaming - Englec639988@gmail.com 16. Did You See That!? Gaming (DuSt Gaming) - bidoux@e-sportscentral.com 17. Clones-Inc - tobiasbroendum@gmail.com 18. iPLAY.KEYLOAD - richy@team-megashock.de 19. ExG - georgehinin@gmail.com 20. Team SCA - travis.y@teamsca.info 21. LighT eSports - admin@LighTeSports.com 22. Western Wolves - Tidus07@hotmail.co.uk 23. Sentinel Gaming (Formerly Tactical Carnage) - GregRedlawsk@gmail.com 24. Team Killing Spree - pmind@teamkillingspree.com 25. vVv Gaming - babytoss@vvv-gaming.com 26. Awesome Gaming - contact@awesome-gaming.net 27. It’s GoSu - lordnikonssj@hotmail.com 28. Soviet Gaming - zkelley32@gmail.com 29. FXOpen North America - shinconan@gmail.com 30. Infinity Seven - marshall.a.pierce@gmail.com 31. Team ToR (Representing Avant eSports) - nick.simpson@live.com 32. mYinsanity - pengwin.sc@gmail.com 33. White-Ra Team - varlok@inbox.ru 34. Alien Invasion - info@mangax.de 35. Mouz - markus.kemper@mousesports.com 36. Imperative Gaming - blackrocks94@gmail.com 37. Team aAa - mak0z@hotmail.fr 38. Team MYi - shayne.p@my-intent.net 39. eXe Phoenix - bigjosh11@gmail.com 40. Rip Zeez - nigel.nixon@gmail.com 41. Team Rareform - Evoxa@Crowngaming.org 42. University of Minnesota, The Pwn Gaming Club - vanm0034@umn.edu 43. Team Empire - SmStrangeR@mail.ru Means 43 teams, only top 4 advance to Contender Div for the next season. Also, the format is, as far as I know, single elimination bracket, which kinda sucks, so if we lose the first match, we are out of the game. Thought there would be groups and all. Oh well. Still hoping we will do well!
  14. Tomorrow on my way to Poland for a month. So scared... and excited. :)

  15. Hey guys, time to step it up, as I said. I arranged a frienly war against Soviet Gaming (we played vs them in one of the teamleagues) for 9th January, starting from 8 pm EST. Starting map: Daybreak Format: BO7, allkill Post under if you can make it!
  16. I want to bring this topic up, as coming the new year, we will be stepping it up - I know some people have been inactive because of holidays, but after holidays, I want everyone committed as much as they can. Once again, if you do not wish to commit to playing for whatever reason (not enjoying the game, not having time, etc..) please do let me know in time. I am aiming for us to participate in IPTL and we need a fully committed team for that. If you can't make commitment for this team, we need to know, and we will sadly have to part ways with you. So, take this as an offer to step down if you cannot or don't want to commit. I want us to work hard so we can see the success in 2013 and we cannot achieve that if we are not dedicated to that goal as a team!
  17. He's sadly signed with another team. So you can close this...
  18. Hey guys, With the upcoming Christmas/Holidays/New year, I want everyone to relax and all that. With this, there will be no Team practices from 24th December until 4th January 2013. Of course, individual practices are encouraged, but are not mandatory. Wish you all Happy Holidays!
  19. End of the year. Yup, here comes the end of 2012. There's so much I wanted to do, things I've not been able to fit into this busy part of the year. My videologs were neglected for longer than intended. My practice became rather erratic last week again, due to so-called pre-christmas madness. You know, the chores around the house, families keeping us busy. Well, me complaining about the hecticness of year ending, that's not really the purpose of this writting of mine. 2012 - My year of StarCraft! Originally, I actually wanted to make this into a videolog, however, time constraints. But, I would like to look back at this year. Share the upsides, small victories, but also the downsides, struggles. Every story has two sides and the main character of this story is not without struggles and happy moments either. Diamonds are forever! Sufficed to say, that I made it into Diamond sometime in January. That was a good way of starting my year, isn't it? For those following my story so far, as a reminder, and even for those, who are unfamiliar with my story - I originally started out as a really, really low Bronze player, with no RTS/StarCraft/Brood War experience. So yes, for me, that was huge achievement. I was really happy and my motivation was going through the roof. It was certainly one of these small steps on my journey I was happy about. Back then, I was still part of one Czech team, however, the team wasn't very active and I haven't learnt much from them, which was my main grief. I didn't want to be just that "token female" or a team mascot. So, around January, I left the team, to try and join Fem-FX, which used to be female-only team. The worst enemy - myself At the beginning, things seemed all neat and nice with my new team. The team seemed really tight, even though I really struggled with them, as my notorius anxiety was kicking in, and I was really shy around them. There were some nice people along the way, Lydia, who was the team's CEO, was nothing but a super, Austin, who was one of the managers, been a good friend ever since as well. Sufficed to say, by the time I decided to join them, I was already struggling with myself, as depressions seemed to re-emerge, but I didn't want to admit that to myself, I didn't understand the signs, I didn't even understand myself at that point. Around March, things got really bad, and I suddenly dropped everything I had passion for. I was hating on myself, all I could feel was this ever-present fatigue, everything felt like a chore. I couldn't find any enjoyment in my life. I was simply surviving, it wasn't even living. At the top of all, Team Fem-FX's activity dropped. People stopped showing up at practices, and overally, everyone saw StarCraft more and more casually. I knew I needed to have highly motivated people around myself. I knew, that this alone should help me through my depressions, as I somehow seem to be highly motivated by people, who are likely to be highly motivated as well. Forwarding to the end of March, I announced my retirement from Fem-FX. I needed a change and I needed it fast. I needed to find like-minded, highly motivated, and positive teammated. A place, where I could grow not only as a player, but also as a person. Of course, I knew there would be obstacles, given my anxiety issues, which cause me to be really shy around new people, but at the same time, leaving things as they were, that'd mean me withering even further. So, around the end of March, after I left Fem-FX, I actually finally found courage to apply to vVv Gaming. I didn't understand how the team/community operated back then, but I was familiar with their tolerant approach to people, as well as they'd accept you no matter where you were, personally and gaming speaking. Simply said, I hoped I'd find my chance to gradually grow as a StarCraft 2 player, to get over my depressions and solidify my practice at last. The Academy - under construction! Few of those familiar with the situation in vVv Gaming will remember, that vVv gaming's StarCraft 2 community lacked a person, who'd push things forward. I needed something to do, so I basicly did writing and graphics. At that time, my depression was still at it's peak though. I still missed a solid team of like-minded people. An insane idea then sparked my mind. It's something I wanted to find for along time. A team dedicated to growth in StarCraft 2. And since I still had no luck in this regard, an insane idea struck my mind - Why not to try and make an Academy team in vVv Gaming? Both it takes the "Entertain, Educate, Dominate" on the next level, and I'd also be able to have something I've only dreamt of - A solid, dedicated team, who live, breathe and shit StarCraft. I made a very, very long write-up and sent it to the vVv management, crossing my fingers, well aware of the fact that their previous Academy ended up with a huge fail. DreamHack Summer, the personal Trial of Fire...? I have to sidetrack here a bit. The Academy project was still in discussion between me, LordJerith and some other people from the management. But, I was starting with practice again. After solid 5 months of erraticness and lack of practice, I was getting back to it. I saw a hope, something to aim for. Despite of me still struggling with depressions, I felt a bit more energetic once more. So, when an opportunity to travel to Dreamhack to Sweden emerged, I was shitting gold bricks. I saw it as an opportunity to learn, grow and also to fight my personal struggles. And surely I did fight them. I also learnt a lot. I was on emotional rollercoaster. Sheding tears after defeat by Merz, but also happiness, that I could breathe that all-StarCraft 2 atmosphere. Happiness from meeting White-Ra, who is someone I truly look up to. Being glad for meeting some of the people I've known only online until then! After DreamHack, I've made many realizations. How much StarCraft 2 means for me, and how much I needed to grow stronger as a person, if I was to pursue this passion. The Academy - Emerges! On 4th July, while still being on holidays with my family, after being in a car-crash (yeah, rough patch there), the vVv Academy team was announced officially on the team's page. Me being me, I had to get online for the launch day, despite of being on holidays. It was a big day. Of course, I was put in charge of the team, so I was a team's Captain, manager and player in one. It's just how I do things. I wanted to lead by best possible example, as that's how all good leaders should be. Well, it's something I truly believe. Take it as you wish. The team started with mostly Diamond players, a bunch of guys, who were to suddenly act as a team. It was time for all of us to learn to be a team. And for me to learn, how to be a leader. The only pain you feel, is the growth one! No growth is without pain. Something I learnt during the couse of the time I've been with my Academy team. I see my self-doubts emerging quite a lot. Am I doing my job correctly? Am I truly the captain, manager and player this team deserves? I won't deny it, I've often been feeling really down from the fact, that I am the weakest player in the lineup. I often call myself, literally "a fucking excuse for a player". Depressions in and out, they make me an emotional bomb at time. It is really easy to doubt one's self. Especially when things get out of my control. When self-doubts and lack of good performance occur. The Academy team gives me a purpose, a drive. Something I didn't have for a long time. There are glimpses of moments, when I feel that maybe, maybe I am worth of something to others. That I can be of help. A light in the darkness. I should also mention that to combat my anxiety/shyness, I've began making videologs, to learn expressing myself better while talking (after that disaster in my first ever video-interview at Dreamhack, lol). I believe that during the time I've been doing them, I've actually became less awkward - enough to be bold and if someone asks me ever again (I hate, hate that question), if there's any advantage to being a female progamer, I'll just tell them "Of course, no queues on the female toiletes." with a nice troll-face grin. I've grown very fond of my team. They are my second family away from home. Seeing all of them progress, seeing them grow, I couldn't be more proud of them. Despite of all of my personal bullshit, I've been able to hold, and I know I am not going anywhere. A big part of why that would be would be that team. I don't care how much crap some people throw at vVv Gaming or my Academy team. They don't know us; living in the past. And well, it is true we are not the best players out there, wrecking tournaments, but I have some of the most passionate people on my team. That is what counts. You can't learn that, unlike in-game skills. These can be gained if you train properly. But you can't teach your heart to love something, if it's simply not there. It is my job to cherish this passion, this dedication, not just in myself, but also in them. Epilogue Coming to an end. Everything has an end, and this writing is no exception. What to look forward to? My personal wishes? First of all, I want to become a more solid player, with a good, healthy practice habits. To learn to accept losses and setbacks, not just in StarCraft, but also in general; and that they are not the end of the world. To accept the fact, that I too am just a human being, making mistakes, without going and hating the shit out of myself. To learn to forgive to myself, to be more patient with myself. To be able to see the good, positive things about myself, both in regards to StarCraft 2, but also in general. I want to compete more in StarCraft. Really hoping to go to DreamHack (Early Bird Dreamhack Summer tickets on, Secret Santa, anyone? Wink-wink ) and show a progress! I want my team to have a reason to be proud of me, as a player! And a reason for me to shed tears of happiness! I know I will once the time comes! To feel is to exist, and for a change, I want my feelings to be the happy ones! A new year is closing in. What it will bring? You all are welcome to continue walking this journey of passion with me. As I am nowhere close to the journey's end - after all, I am BabyToss, so to 2013 onwards! PS: Sorry, no pictures this time! Except this one! OP, OP, OP Zerg style!
  20. Sure you can practice with Aspire members... unless it's private team practice. just catch them on bnet.

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