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  1. And people vote for MVP based on who they are friends with and who they like, but I didn't see any crying at that point. Not that I don't disagree with you(and it pains me to say that), but the MVP voting has always been jacked up with the way people vote.
  2. To not suck... which is going to be hard for me because I always suck *bam*
  3. Can't beat them... Sign them lol
  4. Great day to be at Blizzcon. Get to try out the new expansion.. and Legacy of the Void for SC2 gets shown.. Pretty good day lol
  5. http://www.theverge.com/2014/11/7/7174905/hearthstone-goblins-vs-gnomes Blizzard revealed the new Expansion for it's trading card game, Hearthstone, at Blizzcon 2014 today. The expansion, Goblins vs Gnomes, will feature 120 new cards and will be released next month. This will follow in the footsteps of the "Curse of Naxxramas", more of a solo adventure, that added 30 new cards. This full blown expansion will feature 4 times that many and with the way Curse influenced the meta, I can't wait to see what this expansion will bring.
  6. From my personal experience, Hearthstone can be just as expensive as Magic, but you also have the chance to disenchant cards not needed in hearthstone and use that dust for the cards you really want. It really just depends. Coming off experiences I have had, a lot of my Magic decks cost me a ton of money just to get them built up enough to win tournaments. Most TCGs are like that.
  7. Going to hurt the scene in the short term(in term of sponsors).. long term, should be fine
  8. That sucks considering Kreppo usually is one of the brighter spots of EG even during their bad run. We'll see what happens, but I don't know what support EG could look at bringing in to replace him.
  9. Don't think Piglett can carry that whole team... still think TSM and C9 are the teams to beat in NA
  10. Yeah they are pretty far behind. Honestly, if you look at the two environments and how they handle being a pro gamer, it's a huge, huge difference in the way they treat streaming, practices and so forth. The other regions really have to almost follow the way KR does things. Now granted, that's not with every game, but with LoL there is a huge gab and obviously you saw it in BW/SC2, with very few notable exceptions who were able to find some success against Koreans(Scarlett, Ret, Naniwa, etc), but even then, they couldn't win the championships like the KR players could. We'll see what happens, especially with the way OGN is changing things up in the next season.
  11. Was there any doubt lol. Can't wait for that SSW Twitch skin yo
  12. So, I think for the skins, twitch should get it and for his ult, he should shoot tears
  13. They could form their own teams, but the issues would be sponsorship money for them and salaries. That's the short term problems right now as I see it.

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