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    Thanks for all the love guys!!

    My old twitter was hacked and suspended so i made a new one, since all that i havent had the time to re-add everyone so feel free to follow me to help me get my acct up and running again! <3


    just added photos of my gift from vVv on my facebook. feel free to add me and check em out!!
    will be on twitter momentarily!!!

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    Nice thing about losing to cheese is you always know exactly what you should have done better.
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    Cryptys got a reaction from Jguin in Jguin's Application   
    Haha! This guy is ultra-motivated! He seems like a cool guy from the few moments I've talked to him. =D Good luck and stay active! (which you will hear a lot)
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    Cryptys reacted to cj1988 in Cryptys' SC2 Application   
    Welcome to the vVv community. Make sure you try and stay active in the forums, twitter, facebook etc... especially keep in touch with members you meet in vVv. Getting to know new people is also a +. It's a growing community, so try to be involved with stuff.

    Best of luck on your application.

    I'm a starcraft ii player. Terran user. Try to level up to master league. gL.
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    good luck on ur app ! , even though I dont play SC , hit me up if you need anything

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