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    Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, Witcher 2, used to be moba's.
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    *shrug* cheesecake is good.
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    Tron: Legacy, Dark Knight, Lord of the Rings (lolnerd)
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    Breaking Benjamin, Audioslave (rip), Daft Punk, dance music
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    Starcraft 2 (obviously), playing basketball, watching NCAA men's basketball, reading, watching SC2 streams & tourneys, singing.
  1. @EASPORTSFIFA Been waiting for this!

  2. @masterjoe116 Haha I know. Been slacking.

  3. Haha thanks a lot guys. =) Pretty excited!
  4. Thx all. ^.^ Sweep and Toxsik are cool dudes and have helped me out quite a bit already. =D
  5. Man, I cannot believe how well this kid is playing lately. He's always been one of those solid Terrans that are overlooked by everyone in GSL and everywhere else (by me as well). The last couple of major tournaments (MLG Winter Assemply/Winter Championship) Alive has always been that gosu TvT player that takes out my favorites when they looked like they could win the whole thing (MMA, MKP, Polt). When he beat my last great hope in IPL 4, Nestea, I thought to myself, "Here we go again...now he falls to Squirtle and ruins all my favorites' chances again." But he is on fire and actually took the whole thing. Anyone else have thoughts on this topic? Alive has just gotten better every single tourney and now must be considered one of the strongest Terrans in the world. Typically, his TvT is hard to beat but his other matchups are less strong (I think Koreans say his TvZ is his strongest), but in this tourney all of his matchups looked solid, although Nestea just didn't look like himself. =(
  6. Cryptys

    Jguin's Application

    Nice thing about losing to cheese is you always know exactly what you should have done better.
  7. Cryptys

    Jguin's Application

    Haha! This guy is ultra-motivated! He seems like a cool guy from the few moments I've talked to him. =D Good luck and stay active! (which you will hear a lot)
  8. Nice post there, man. =D I enjoy mobas too, but as you said generally you can know your advantages and disadvantages in your lane before you even show up. So it's nice to have an intellectual approach to how you can win the lane. Thinking ahead in item choice is a big part of this. But the part about arriving when not expected is so key for Starcraft 2 haha. =P Makes me think of drops and misdirection instantly.
  9. Haha. Thanks. =P Thanks man. Will do!
  10. Way better than YOU maybe...... PSYYYYYYYYYCHE (ya i still say psyche).
  11. Oh man. A post from the big boss himself. =P I think I've already liked and subscribed to everything, but I'll double check.

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