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    I'm a professional Tennis player and love to play all Games. I'm studying Massage Therapy in mean time as well.
  1. lol, now I get player disconnected (error 3003)
  2. Well it says to all people who have a valid Battle.net account. I do but it says D3 license attached to it, what does it mean? do I have to actually have it pre-ordered from their site?
  3. should work for me on paper. Grenade specialist/ explosion with crippling/ support. Does increased explosion damage also transfer to Rocket turrets? trying to decide whether to do Turret/ mines or Support turret/ explosions http://gw2.luna-atra.fr/skills_tool/?lang=en&code=3es000dqe3nheohfklu0u0a9sa1a5akalapki
  4. I'm glad this thread had so many replies so fast. I'M SO VERY Excited! The W V W should be great and balanced for the most part unlike WAR which was one of my top games that did Keep sieges (When the world was balanced). Keep it up Sleepy, and I'll be seeing you shortly. P.S. ~ Anyone know when the next beta is after the 10th, after preorders?
  5. I just checked Gamestops weekly Ad and they say "Pre-order Now" I was like nahh. that must be wrong. If you go to the site you CAN pre-order... and turns out it has a release date. http://www.gamestop.com/browse?nav=16k-guild+wars+2 6/26/12 Thought you oughta know
  6. Turns out engineer has too many kits lol. But guess good for every situation. I'm defin. going to abuse Bombs and then Camo on Turrets/ Mines when out of combat in PvP. Oh no, this engineer seems lost. Boom!
  7. The names Mizera...Thomas Mizera. I'm 23, Canadian, but live in Michigan and still don't have a greencard despite living there for 18 years. I thoroughly enjoy playing the new MMO's and just any good games in general. When I don't have training or workouts to do I watch GW2 and D3 youtubes following IFreemz and YogCast. This summer is going to be interesting from running this Tennis camp with my coach and playing on Tour I'll make an exception for GW2. I followed VVV gaming from London, ON mainly through Facebook just stalking them but I saw a "join us" and didn't pass the opportunity. Feel free to get to know me more in depth through messaging or w.e internet options that may help you. I'm a hardcore gamer when it comes to MMO's so I'm always going to look for a dedicated 5 man squad for PvP and PvE especially in the beginning. Look forward to meeting you all. ~Thomas P.s. Class= Debating for main Asura Engineer or Asura Guardian. I'm heavily leaning to guardians but Engineer seems way fun only if the turrets were better and you could swap weapons on the fly not just sets.
  8. I can't wait to have guild runs for WvWvW we will be beasts. Instead of Dungeon raids it'll be PvP raids and Dragon raids I 'spose?
  9. I'm with Blaze, it'll be just standard cosmetics and redo's. Seeing they don't have Potions, you think they will have buff pots? And they have the best idea for micro transactions you DONT need real money for gems!
  10. I'm just looking forward to Pre-order so I can play beta, finally. Arena Net was being shy with my invite
  11. So if you want a hard copy and you pre-order from Arenanet that you take the receipt and bring it to a retailer? They give you the game but you get the pre-order stuff from Arenanet? I'm just sticking to Digital Copy and pre-order from Arena
  12. I'm striving for a Guardian but I'm debating Engineer as well. As for Race, only Asura "Why?" you ask. Hopefully smaller to see on PvP hah. I like the brut'ish ability of Guardian with the high armor, but I've almost noticed most controlled ranged classes are very successful besides, engineer looks like a blast*

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