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  1. Dude thanks for this they sent me an email saying something similar. I knew something was fishy when they sent the email to my gmail and not my actual email account set-up with GW/Gw2. I swear I was close to sending the info the only thing that stopped me was not being able to locate the email with my serial code in it. I'm glad you brought this to the community attention and I'm glad this email came to me in the 1st place. It actually made me fire back up the GW2 and start playing a lil bit.
  2. hey Val Welcome back bro it's good to see you again
  3. Flux In-Ear pro's Arriving today ;-)

  4. OMG That BF4 Trailer Gave Me The Sickest Chills

  5. Blizzard All-Stars for the Win.....Take that HON
  6. It's a Neverwinter Wknd I suppose

  7. Will add both of you guys my Battle.log is http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/soldier/NoFaith_N_UR_God/stats/318314727/
  8. I been on and off since last year when they announced a western version was in the works all of a sudden I wasn't able to log in coincidence?. I got tired of going back and forth to Google translator so I said the hell with that I'll just wait til Sega America releases it.
  9. I just started a charater a week ago. Tera's fun until some random guy on a mount one shot you while you are farming "Water Buffalo"
  10. I also signed up and used vVv info when asked about my guild hopefully and im sure our community will embrace this game when it is released.
  11. This is a great Idea some old friends I would love to see how they are doing
  12. I been active in this game all year long.... been in every closed beta I'm waiting for tomorrow also this game is so awesome you can add me IGN: Defyiant
  13. I miss our meetings of course I will be there
  14. It was a huge thing to me months ago but seriously the events will keep me coming back. With the release of Planetside 2 which has me occupied at the moment It really isn't enough time in the day to play Gw2. And what the hell does WoW has that Gw2 doesn't ? what raid parties ? dedicated players ? I just don't get how people can go back to WoW after playing Gw2.
  15. Dxtory is probably the best Local/Hdd recording software out right now. If your system has more than one Hard Drive Dxtory can optimize the writing done to your drives. Dxtory also captures programs using openGL and DirectX games up to DX11 so it's perfect for most if not all games recording locally.
  16. I have this game on steam it's pretty cool but haven't played for a while
  17. Yea It kinda died out after about a Week or so. Everybody actually beat it and depleted it.... it got really boring after beating it 4 times
  18. "Why my team is so NOOOB!!!!!!!" I LoL'd for about 2 mins watching that
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