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  1. Hey Everyone im sorry to say but i have to go! Me and my team have plans for CoD and with vVv Not supporting CoD its not really the place for me to be. Also Never felt very welcomed after i got accepted besides by Jerry and a few other members. i will still support vVv threw there LAN Events . it has been an honor to be apart of the Community. Ill still stop by and say hello. ill miss everyone <3
  2. Hahaha well guys its coming down to a little over a month I can't wait
  3. Its possible but only time but either way im going in support of vVv and my first MLG event
  4. heY bro just saying your gunna need to post on forums more and tweet about vVv and news about them and whatever else is going on with vVv if your going to be a social media expert again man GL
  5. yeah britzel GoodLuck man. Stay Active and get to know other members.
  6. Im Still here ! But i like the way the team is going very competitive and also content!
  7. Im staying at a hotel if there is a spot open you can room with
  8. hmmm vVv Gamer Pictures? thatd be sweet. For all us vVv console Gamers

    1. MiisFit


      That would be sweet

  9. hmmm vVv Gamer Pictures? thatd be sweet. For all us vVv console Gamers

  10. ok bro cool I hope you get to go I'd like to meet you
  11. Okay well im definitely going to be going and I can't wait will be my first MLG Championship:D whether I drive or other transportation. Can't wait to meet the vVv Crew =D

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