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  1. Isn't that just 1 hour and 21 mins.? Even so, I agree that it'd be bad to actually lose that kind of game. Congratz on pulling through!
  2. It's with a sad heart that I must announce my resignation from vVv Gaming. A few personal problems have arisen over the past few months which needs the most of my time now. Furthermore, my ability to provide use to the organization (either as a donor or as a member of the LoL) team has also been reduced, partially because of the aforementioned personal issues and partially because the desire to succeed that I hoped would've been kindled in League of Legends instead has been fizzling down to a low ember--not completely out, but certainly not in a state conducive to playing and learning and bettering myself). My funds at this time are also not at a place that I can maintain monthly donation requirements to be a donor anymore, as well. I would like nothing more than to still be around the community (even if it's only a sorta-there off-and-on kind of way), and I will do my best to keep up with news regarding our LoL team (tear up the challenger league, boys!), but I feel that it is a huge disservice to the organization and myself to continue to carry the triple V's without a way to show that I'm continuing to earn them. I sincerely hope that I can re-apply sometime in the future, however, and that the LoL division continues to be strong in 2014 and beyond. Vision, Valor, Victory. Entertain. Educate. Dominate. vVv Voided.
  3. I have a good clutch play I can show you from LoLReplay, I just dunno how to actually show you.
  4. Link Those of you who enjoyed the ARAM mode, rejoice, for it will be available from November 22nd to (presumably) the first patch of December on the 2nd.
  5. I see your point, but there aren't a whole lot of ADs that have knockups. I can't think of any off the top of my head. I guess it'd work in an Ashe/Yasuo lane where Ashe brings the initiation and guaranteed whirlwind hit, or something.
  6. I watched Redmercy's preview of the champion, myself, but that's a pretty informative video, too. A.) It seems his W DOES block AA shots, so it might be more useful against a ranged champ instead of just against ranged abilities. A good wall would block most hard ccs and such that are good, or just long-range damage (Corki's missiles, everything in Ez's kit, Varus arrows, etc.) B.) I agree that the double crit chance passive is a bit too much if you give him 2-3 items with big crit chance boosts (IE, PD, and maybe something else). perhaps a small percentage increase like with Tryn, or let it have a set max crit chance like with Ashe (not necessarily a guaranteed crit, just a guaranteed crit chance on top of whatever else you have) would be better. Perhaps I'm just worrying too much, but it seems like a snowballed Yasuo could get IE, PD, Shiv, BT, LW, and boots and then just wreck shit with the crits.
  7. Wakai: Wouldn't the knockup from Nami's ult be too short for most people to actually take advantage of it? Perhaps from the bubble, but not the ult. Shafe: I can see that, too, and I could definitely see that. have someone in any lane that can knock up as well and he could be pretty devastating. (also, as an addendum to my own thoughts, I mean an armor tank. A health tank like Volibear or Singed would probably be decent counters since they work better with health rather than armor or MR.
  8. News post Abilities rundown: Passive - Way of the Wanderer: First, it doubles his crit chance. Second, movement gives him Flow, probably in a similar vein to Stattik Shiv (though most likely not with the same accruement ratios). When full, the next champion or monster hit gives him a small shield. It doesn't say if it handles that hit with the shield or if the hit only procs the shield and it only mitigates any further damage. Q - Steel Tempest: His farm move. It deals damage in a straight line in front of him. A successful usage of Tempest (aka it hits an enemy) gives him a Gathering storm stack. Three stacks causes Tempest to instead send out a whirlwind that knocks enemies airborne, similar to Janna's whirlwind except they're probably only knocked up a set amount instead of being based on how long the tornado charges. Also, if this ability is cast during Sweeping Blade, his E, it damages all enemies immediately around him. W - Wind Wall: Passively increases the amount of Flow he gets. Actively creates a wall of wind that moves forward a short distance and blocks all enemy projectiles (Electro harpoons, Nid spears, etc.; MAYBE ranged autos, but most likely just ranged abilities). E - Sweeping Blade: Single-target. On casting Yasuo dashes a set distance through an enemy, marking them and damaging them. Multiple uses in succession increases the damage up to a cap. Note that enemies that are already marked cannot have this ability cast on them again until it wears off. R - Last Breath: Single-target on any airborne enemies (and they MUST be airborne). Yasuo suspends them and any other airborne enemies in the air as he damages them. On landing, Yasuo gains significant armor pen against enemies' bonus armor. Note that his ultimate can be cast with anyone who's knocked airborne for ANY reason, be it his Q, Malph's ult, Zyra's ult, Janna's whirlwind, J4's flag combo, etc. It's kinda like Yi's alpha Strike in a way, but it only works on airborne enemies Thoughts on the new champion? I think that he can put champions that knock up enemies into a more prominent spot, as the synergy with those champions is immense. But I think one of the more important parts is that he is effectively a tank killer, and might be even better at it than Zed can be. If he can be viable in the top lane then it's very likely that the heavy tank top lane could be rendered ineffective or useless (at least for the early/mid game).
  9. You'd be surprised how people will act when they get an "I think I can" mentality with kills. It happens a lot. Speaking of carries, I guess you'd suggest Ashe, Graves, Vayne, or Twitch. I suggest the middle two because their dashes are more for repositioning and aren't necessarily for chasing (though Vayne's works well with her passive).
  10. I think I understand what you're saying here, but could you elaborate a little bit? What if you're not the dominant laner (ie. most ads against Caitlyn or Ashe)? Less related to harass and more what you think about dealing with it.
  11. For playing ranged champions against melee champions (or ranged champions against other ranged with a smaller AA range), what are some ways you can maximize your ability to poke them down with both abilities and AAs while keeping yourself safe from any of their poke and still be relatively even with cs? I'm not mid myself (AD/support, mainly) but I would like to at least try to incorporate poking into my playstyle a little bit.
  12. I think (I'd hope) that bronze players (and silver players) are smart enough to realize that this means that supports can't take on warding the entire time, and that at least the jungle and top laners will help in warding some. Personally if the solo laners got the idea to ward themselves and not let the junglers do it for them all the time, that's a small step .

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