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    TuFF reacted to Mannykacks in FFgrog starts streaming   
    Quality seems spot on and I experienced no lag Looking forward to watching your progress in the aspire program (on stream of course)
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    TuFF reacted to Oakwarrior in IMPORTANT: Weekly friendly clanwars?   
    Wednesplay >_>
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    TuFF got a reaction from RazorHedge in eYe- Sc2 application   
    Hey, seen you around in vVv chat for a while.
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    TuFF reacted to RazorHedge in Aspire Team #2   
    I am so in this. You have my full commitment and time disposal. I've been playing quite a lot lately. And this is exactly what I was looking for!
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    TuFF got a reaction from RazorHedge in Matthew 'Razor' Fernandez Community Application - Starcraft 2.   
    I lost your GOMTV thing t.t, can you resend it to me? <3?
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    TuFF got a reaction from Dunzo87 in Application : Dunzo   
    Hey, one way to add value might be to head up the second division of aspire, they are looking for a leader.

    Also, add me on SC2 vVvTuff.746, my TvT is garbage atm.

    Aspire #2 Thread:
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    TuFF got a reaction from Beastmode926 in Application: Beastmode   
    Yay! You applied GL! Make sure to do you about me and get a picture of yourself
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    TuFF got a reaction from MrAlucard in MrAlucard's app   
    Hint: There's an edit button.
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    TuFF reacted in SC2 King of the Hill   
    if you could do one for lower leagues that would be cool as i would love to be apart of this but i am only in silver if i can help tho let me know!

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