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    Thomas Phillip John parker
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    Starcraft 2, Age of Mythology, Sim Golf
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    Watermelon, Lemon Candies
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    A Knight's Tale
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    Hedley, Mariana's Trench, Simple Plan.
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    Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, LOTR strategy Battle Game,Reading, Video Games, and Pokemon!
  1. @SC2_Tuffy #ProTip

  2. Thank you Everyone <3! So glad to have such an amazing community to be a part of <3. My birthday was great ate so much food! Never been called Bro-cahontas before .
  3. TuFF

    Chapter 10: Back to business

    Good Luck Today! Your MMR is definitely at their level
  4. TuFF

    Hanism's application

    I`ll Cocast with you sometime 2 terrans? OP.
  5. If he became LiquidParting, he should just change his name to Moses.
  6. TuFF

    Chapter 7: A New Age

    Have you actually talked to any of the people who handle sponsorship requests? They say in the application that they like working with people. You should ask them directly what they are looking for. ;p. Or just post a sponsorship request now and formally update your progress as you go along.
  7. Hit 1k today too . Looking forward to seeing you play in IPTL
  8. Will probably be on more over Christmas break cause no school . . Obviously got family stuff to do but will be around most of the time, anyone looking for games can message me ;p
  9. Aspire Rising guys are bloody hilarious

  10. You can pick up NuBrGni too with me hopefully <3
  11. YES! Barrie, Ontario! That is actually one of the most beautiful buses I've ever seen
  12. Everyone in this clan calls me Tuffy....

  13. I agree, its like " Please keep playing our game for another 5 months, don't worry, the future has hope."

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