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  1. cj1988

    Nova Application

    No worries man, wenever ur free... u want to talk on mumble right? My stay has been really good. Loving the community and the people. Been on twitch.tv watching the games on wednesday, listening to the podcasts and commentary etc.. In terms of sc2 i'm still maintaining my top masters ranks in all ladders. Im reaching 12,000 k ladder wins soon.
  2. cj1988

    Nova Application

    I will probably be on Monday night? Does that work for you
  3. cj1988

    Nova Application

    hmm ic yea its probably been too long in here haha. I dont think it took u as many months as it is me lol
  4. cj1988

    Nova Application

    What are u refering to Ambush sorry? btw NICE JK =o haha! Are u streaming lately?
  5. cj1988

    Nova Application

    MMM well i wasn't given a specific time so I'm not sure when to meet up to talk with ya.
  6. cj1988

    Nova Application

    Sounds good man. Ill ttyu soon.
  7. cj1988

    Nova Application

    been working 12-14 hours this past weekend. this week will be good though. Thanks
  8. cj1988

    PoSeR's Application

    gl gl on your application. If you have any questions dont hestitate to ask. Welcome to the community of vVv
  9. cj1988

    Nova Application

    Out of the categories, I can't determine which one I am content with. =/ A lot of em vary. Maybe Socialite would be my first choice.
  10. cj1988

    Nova Application

    okay cool thanks What?? lol...Who said i joined oGs,,, that's like impossible to join bro =S Doesn't make any sense to me. Of course i still like vVv, I am still here and being part of the community.
  11. cj1988

    EurY Application

    Welcome to vVv gaming. Best of luck with your application.
  12. cj1988

    Nova Application

    im not popular no more T_T Haha
  13. cj1988

    EurY Application

    you can find me in the vVv channel if you wanna game sometime.
  14. cj1988

    Spydo's Application

    Be sure to tune in on Wednesdays for the vVv live stream games
  15. cj1988

    Astro's Application

    Yup ill come watch sometime

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