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  1. In Afghanistan now. Just wondering how everyone is doing. Trying to get some WiFi out here strong enough to play some!
  2. I still play casually when I can, but I wanted to take this time to say I miss vVv Gaming and being a member of such a great community. I loved it and loved the people in it, and when I get back from deployment I still plan on playing again. Deployment is getting ever closer, and time is crunched to the T. So, I know I wanted to post some stuff about RB6:Patriots and Gears:Judgement, to try and get some influence with those games before they came out, but extensive research on these games is something I just don't have the time for. Like I said just wanted to tell you all how much I miss being around. I'll be back late next year, and I'll most deffinently re-app when this time comes. Loyalty above all else, Ascendent
  3. RT @vVv_Gaming: Grandmasters Zerg @vVvGlon is streaming his practice with commentary! - http://t.co/n4NdK7Kb

  4. I havnt tweeted anything about vVv since I can't remember. And when I deploy I honestly have no idea if ill be able to donate over there. I'll stand with the resignation for now. I thank you for the times and experiences and kind words. vVv will not be forgotten by me, you will hear from me again!
  5. Hate to do this but honestly won't sugar coat this. I'm useless for vVv. I've been busy for the last 2 months doing pre-deployment training and will be til about December. Going home for Christmas vacation and then deploying to Afghanistan next year. I love the community and never had a problem with anyone. Met great teachers and mentors. Keep it up and best of luck to all of vVv. Maybe when all is said and done ill have time to support as I should and ill re-app but for now this is my goodbye. Much love, Ascendent
  6. Thank you Medusa! I'm back, ill be hitting it hard this weekend
  7. I'll be back real late Friday. Good news though, got promoted tonight. I am now a non-commissioned officer in the united states marine corps
  8. Got back late Friday night. Just got done sleeping 15 n a half hours. Going back out Monday till next Friday
  9. I will be gone this coming monday till friday night. With limited access to interent depending on phone service in the area, and weither or not we will have generators out there. Got something going on next week too, I'll tell the exact days next week when I am 100% sure of them
  10. Well written, I can actually say inspiring! You've been a great leader LordJerith, and a great mentor, and I havn't even been around vVv all that long. Not just for gaming, but any advice, some asked and some given, some even gained just from sitting back and watching you with the community, You've been the best leader i've ever had in life, even the leaders I have in the Marine Corps don't measure up to how you treat your people and how this family operated and how they respect you!
  11. Sorry I havn't been around. Just moved into my new house and finding internet service has been a real hassle. I'll have internet Wednesday but have a 24hr shift at work on Wednesday so won't be on till Thursday night. Look forward to playing again! I'm up for pretty much anything console wise, just want to start gaming again! By the way, if vVv RTD stumbles upon this post, I just want to let you know I'm jelous of your beard lol, I can't wait until I can grow my Goatee back!!!!
  12. Ascendent

    Mikevl24 App

    I see you really love CoD! If you want to play some console games sometime soon hmu @ vVv Dissension, not a real big CoD fan and only have MW3 but might play sometime.

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