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  • Birthday 10/12/1990

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    Hannah O'Neill
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    United Kingdom
  • Favorite Games
    Gears Of War Series, Halo Series, Call Of Duty Series, World Of Warcraft Collection, Crysis Series, Medal Of Honor, Mortal Kombat, MMA, Elder Scrolls Games, Borderlands & Much more.
  • Favorite Foods
    Italian Foods, Pasta, Pizza, Curry, Chocolate, Crackers, Biscuits, Sunday Roast, Rice Cakes, Salad
  • Favorite Movies
    Horror, Mixed Martial Arts, Natural Disasters, Action, Anime & 3D.
  • Favorite Music
    Celldeweller, Combichrist, Lacuna Coil, Type O Negative, Paradise Lost, Metallica, Dubstep... & Many More.
  • Interests
    - Gaming
    - Graphics Design
    - Animation
    - Music
    - Art & Design
    - Animation
    - Comic Books
    - Photography
    - Motorbikes
    - Mixed Martial Arts

About Me

My names Hannah. I have such a passion for hardcore/pro gamers. That are willing to take any game to the next level plus more competitive but yet also fun it's rather hard to find. I spend most of the time gaming online. I also like to watch mixed martial arts. I'm very creative with PC's and use various software. I'm naturally artistic an have studied Graphic's Design. I'm also willing to help out players over xbox live. I try and always bring my "A" game. Be sure to hit me up, over Xbox Live If you ever want a game. I'm also a rather down to earth person. So there Is no need to be shy gamers. 



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