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    Gears Of War Series, Halo Series, Call Of Duty Series, World Of Warcraft Collection, Crysis Series, Medal Of Honor, Mortal Kombat, MMA, Elder Scrolls Games, Borderlands & Much more.
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    Horror, Mixed Martial Arts, Natural Disasters, Action, Anime & 3D.
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    Celldeweller, Combichrist, Lacuna Coil, Type O Negative, Paradise Lost, Metallica, Dubstep... & Many More.
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  1. Yes Everything Is Okay Dude, Just Wasn't Well That Long Along And It Knocked Me For Six. Thanks vVv Arkaine But Everything Is All Good Now.
  2. That bit re-guarding the mouse and keyboard made me laugh slightly... Lol....!!
  3. Personally I thought the same dude, But it's all good
  4. Ah, sorry about the full list issue.. had to remove quite a few people and it just keeps getting full so quick as been adding people from vVv Gaming ... I'm so sorry, But I accepted your request earlier was going to ask is it okay if i join you next time dude? To be honest with you, I sound ill and almost lost my voice. Plus I don't think I was online at that time, But I'll sure like to join next time for sure! If that's alright with you?
  5. Hey vVv Doctor, I'm really liking vVv Gaming And I haven't really got any concerns for one but my thought's are pretty awesome. And Idea's? depends on what you mean, As I'm always one for good one's Awesome dude, I'm pretty sure I have you on my twitter so i'll defo hit you up
  6. @Tears Wicked, That Will Be Cool! Umm... Do you do ranked in gears 3? Sure thing I'll Add You Dude And Thank You.
  7. Awesome And thank you everyone that's wishing me.
  8. Thank you! And Little Boys? :/ I don't judge people like that... everyone is cool here in my opinion for having the same interest's like gaming!
  9. What's That Mean't To Mean? Lol... Even though I'm A Girl I'm Still One Hell Of A Competitive Gamer.
  10. Thank you. Plus I'll defo tweet some more about vVv Gaming for sure!! And look forward to playing gears with you sometime!
  11. What makes you think I'm having trouble with Gears Of War? I'll try fix that asap.... but that's strange as people from here are following me on twitter from that link I'm guessing :/
  12. well anyone up for joining me on Gears of war 3 hit me up over here or the xbox as i'll be on there tonight.

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