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  1. Whatever do you mean!? Lmao. My bad for last nights games. Rusty and its was 1am so a little tired lol
  2. Uno night would be amazing or monoploy lmao.
  3. I'd like to start by saying how nice and nostalgic it has been to talk with some of you that I played with back in my hay day of vVv. I'm vVv SiC also known as SiC. I started with vVv back in 07 (I'm bad with dates and timeframe in which stuff happens lol) with one of the first vVv competitive CoD teams. With several MLG games and LAN tournaments under our belt i couldn't have asked for a better experience with the community and the organization. I made a lot of lifelong friends lile vVv Skeensyy who ive remained close friends with since i first began in vVv and vVv Riguy who ive happily reconnected with in the last year and half. With just those two examples i can't wait to reconnect with other veterans of vvv and be a value to the newcomers wanting to involve themselves within the community. Life eventually caught up with me though in so many ways which caused me to fall back from the organization for such a long time. Ask more for details lol. But the gist of it now is that I now currently work in the Operating Room as a Surgical Scrub primarily for the Orthopedics department but scrub any surgery put in my path. I take alot of call so my personal time is eaten up by that. I also have a 5yr old daughter which takes up alot of my free time with her extra activities such as basketball and soccer and girly sleepovers lol. With that said though i tend to play at night and usually all night(i do me alllll night lol) when I am off the next day. I'd always love to get back into competitive scene considering how devoted i am to shooters on Xbox. But if that time has passed so be it. But if not I'm sure ill find my way into it being here again. Let me just conclude this by saying im so happy to be back and so happy vVv Exodus reached out to me and wanted me to be a part of this amazing community again. I can't wait till I can find my spot to add value to this organization again. I do apoligize if this post comes across broken and incomplete. My daughter has made me stop in the middle of several thoughts and sentences that I couldn't remember what i was trying to say lmao.
  4. Nice playing with you. Don't remember if we played much together back in the day but the future seems promising.
  5. Can we play a game ive played within the year. I hate being garbage lol.
  6. Agreed. No comment needs added by me.
  7. No doubt man. And i truely apprecaite you thinking about me. I was a little hesitant bc of job and daughter but it literally took an hour to let it sink in and I couldn't resist bringing this back into my life and helping where i can to help build up the community and comradery again
  8. Idk what services they are on bc i have a unlocked firestick but been watching.... Seal Team Black mirror- fucked up lol Punisher season 2 The Office-always replaying episodes And tons and tons of movies..... new and old.
  9. Life carried me away from the actual site but never lost the value of being a vVv member and teammate. Shit i refused to even change my tag bc of it. Glad to see the crew i came up with besides vVv Skeensyy coming back together(skeens and I never really stopped teaming up together)
  10. Madden 11 is NICE

  11. Headed to North Carolina for the week next week. Vacation for me i guess.

  12. Just cant find a good game

  13. randomly selected my ass

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