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  1. Hey all, I just want to say that I am resigning from vVv as I feel the organziation no longer meets my needs as a gamer. I wish you all the best of luck in future endeavors. Peace, FireWater
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/3ifba1/we_are_murloc_geniuses_and_we_just_qualified_for/
  3. Great! When do you guys think you can start playing?
  4. Hey all, Recently there has been discussion about starting a THL/HL 5's team. I am pretty serious about this so here is what I propose. We gather a list of players who are interested and can practice a few nights a week. We get a list of times that players are available (in both PST/EST) We get a list of HL rank as well as roles preferred, and we get this party started. Please use the following format Bnet Name: Hero League Rank: Preferred Roles (in order of preference): Preferred Heros (in order of preference): Times Available (PST/EST): Bnet Name: vVv_FireWater#1683 Hero League Rank: 24 Preferred Roles: (in order of preference): Ranged Assassin, Tank, Support/Healer Preferred Heros (in order of preference): : Valla, Raynor, Johanna, Diablo, LiLi, Malfurion, Muradin Times Available (PST/EST): 7pm PST/10PM est Sunday-Thursday I'd like to start getting something going next week if possible. Game on!
  5. TK is a buddy of mine, Perhaps we should recruit him to vVv?
  6. gameplay videos look awesome for him.
  7. Is there any movement on this, who is accountable?
  8. Yeah I think if he dies consistently, he should have to go back into spawn, or give him like a 100-200 second timer on passive.
  9. I am writing the script today/tomorrow, I am looking to record next weekend, as this weekend is too busy.
  10. Eh its perceptions vs reality. Heros in HotS are complete, meaning there are no runes or masteries. Granted in LoL masteries cost 0. Runes can't be bought with real money however they do take a fair amount of IP to get it. Rune pages can be bought. I just wait for heroes to go on sale, or save up enough gold. The free market will decide what costs are acceptable and what are not.
  11. Hey Neeks, Nice to meet you man, looking forward to getting some games later! Welcome!
  12. Hopefully that will stimulate some growth. I bet a lot of people maybe intimidated regarding hero prices.
  13. Hey man nice to meet you! We should get some games sometime feel free to add me vVvFireWater#1683
  14. Stormie and I the other day were using a Tyrael, Johanna double warrior comp and we would just blow up their mages/damage dealers. Either I would initiate with my Shield Stun and Tyrael would ult with a dash, OR he would ult first and then I would follow up with my ult right afterwards. Good bye Jaina/Kaelthas. Its a really brutal combo against mages, very difficult for them to escape or have their warriors peel. If we do 5s, I definitely want to learn Tyrael because I feel he is under used in Solo Q, but man he has some power.
  15. I am down I can practice most late nights
  16. Excellent stuff, I'm hoping HotS can take off as well, I think right now its the "sleeper" moba.
  17. Thanks all for the feedback, I'm looking to have one up next week.
  18. Hey all, I am going to be creating a new youtube series for Overwatch called the Overwatch Comp Shop, where I discuss various different hero compositions centered around a single hero. Here is the video detailing everything else. Thanks for watching!
  19. Had a good time here, I will stream my side too (with delay of course)
  20. FireWater

    Stormie Application

    We had an excellent run during my stream I think we won 5 in a row? Stormie was able to maintain his composure in tough situations, and I believe that made the difference in and at least two of the team fights we had. Good stuff!
  21. repost from Reddit Hey all, I recently leased a Game Servers TF2 server for 3 months (by the end of that hopefully we will have Overwatch Beta). But until then I would like to do weekly TF2 nights. The TF2 server is public, here is the address: The name of the server is /r/OverWatch TF2 Sever hosted by vVv_FireWater For those less familar with the HL engine/tf2 an easy way to the connect to the server is by hitting the "~" button, and copy and pasting this: connect I will have critical hits disabled and have all talk on. I may need a few admins to help during the night, I'm thinking we can go until 1am (or later doesn't matter to me the server is up for 3 months). Does anyone have any special requests in terms of map rotation or "mods" if you will (I'm trying to keep this as Vanilla as possible, but I am open to suggestions). I will also have a mumble server set up for those who prefer to use that over in game voice: The mumble address will be as follows: mbl9.gameservers.com:10014 Having mumble is not a requirement to participate in the TF2 night, but is strongly encouraged. Looking forward to fragging you all and talking about Overwatch! vVv_FireWater **Figure this could be a lot of fun for everyone What do you all think?

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