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    Ockiral got a reaction from rollergo11 in vVv inhouse Information   
    Official Inhouse Information

    The vVv community is hosting nightly League of Legends inhouse games. These games are open to any and all player that are interested in playing but spots will be based on either first come first serve basis or the team captain's picks. If you would like to join in on the games join the vVv chat channel in league of legends.

    7-10 PM Est
    (Inhouse games can go past this time if players still wish to play)

    1) Trash talking and degrading teammates will not be tolerated. These games are to help new players learn and for everyone to have fun.

    2) All players must be in mumble before the game starts.

    3) All players must be in the game lobby before Team Captains pick players.

    4) All players must have at least 16 champions since inhouse games are draft mode.

    5) The teams will be picked by team captains(school yard picks)

    6) The first Team captains will be picked by the owner of the game and the captains in the next game will be picked by the previous ones.

    7) The team captain with the lowest Elo will have first pick of the players. If the captains do not have an Elo then the summoner with the lowest wins will pick first.

    I reserve the right to rearrange teams if both groups feel that the teams are uneven.

    The stream for the inhouse games can be found at http://www.twitch.tv/livevvvcommunity

    If you have suggestions for inhouse games let me know!
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    Ockiral got a reaction from Misty in I Can't Win A Game.   
    I don't quite agree with Magicmooch's idea of keep plugging away at ranked games, because it can increasingly bring down your mood which can effect your decision making. I think the best way is to play a couple matches if you are getting heated, angry, disappointed in anyway whether it is with your teammates or yourself just take a small break. 5 minutes can do it. I prefer to play a dominion and enjoy it.
    Also try and find a ranked partner that is level headed. Having someone that is calm and rational to talk to helps out immensely because they are not agreeing with you that a champ is OP or something is unfair but instead saying "Just focus we got this, what are we going to do next". 
    This might not work for you but I have found this helps me out with almost any game.  Good luck to you!
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    Ockiral reacted to Jenna Fischer in We are the Tasty Pastries, Ask Us Anything!   
    Hi, we're the Tasty Pastries. We've just submitted an application for sponsorship in League of Legends and would like to get to know the vVv community a little better and introduce ourselves a bit. We've had some good results in the past 3 Go4LoLs, finishing 2nd, 3rd, and 1st. We have a set roster of 4 players right now, and are in the process of solidifying our 5th. Our roster right now includes:

    Michael "Jenna Fischer" Plant, Top lane: https://twitter.com/JennaFischerLoL
    Erick "NeverPull0ut" Podwill, Mid lane: https://twitter.com/LoL_Never
    Richard "Asyrite" Henkel, Jungle: https://twitter.com/asyrite
    Hank "Rakalakalili" Ditton, Support: https://twitter.com/rakalakalililol

    Team Facebook Page: http://www.facebook....420430881351605

    We'd like to start off by doing an AMA, or ask us anything, about our team, League of Legends, or anything else you want to know about us!

    We are happy to announce after an extended tryout process we have found our new AD carry in Jigaflow! Jigaflow will be joining the Tasty Pastries as a permanent member and we're thrilled to have him on board with us as we pursue bringing our team to the next level.
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    Ockiral got a reaction from LiOoN in Hello there vVv   
    It is great to have you guys app.
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    Ockiral got a reaction from vVv DarkDante in Off to LordJerith's and Doomhammer's   
    I will be headed to pick up spike and visit Jerry and Jordan this weekend( 31-3) I will have my computer on me but I doubt I will be posted on it like normal.

    5 hours in the car with spike and this comes to mind
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    Ockiral reacted to Blazek in The Grand Phantasm ~ A Mesmer Guide by vVv Blazek   
    Illusion, Deception, Manipulation… These are the tools of the Mesmer. A class completely different from what most gamers have seen, the Mesmer is a class that relies heavily on the ability to deceive their opponents, create a endless focused assault of minions, and even control the balance of status effects, tipping things in their favor. However, with so much ability comes a steep learning curve, and one that isn’t as easy to understand as many classes, such as Warrior or Elementalist.

    From Guildwars2.com:
    “Mesmers are magical duelists who wield deception as a weapon. Using powerful illusions, clones, and phantasmal magic to confuse and distract their foes, mesmers make sure every fight is balanced in their favor and their opponents can’t believe their eyes.”

    To many the Mesmer will feel underpowered during the early stages, and this is somewhat true. A Mesmer depends a lot on their trait selection for increased damage, their illusions die very easily early on, and shatter is hardly worth the damage output it provides. However if you can stay diligent into your 20’s the Mesmer begins to unfold into a much stronger class and provides a play-style unlike any other.

    The Weapons:
    The Mesmer is mostly a ranged caster class wielding light armor and a fairly limited arsenal of 4 primary weapons: Great Sword, Staff, Scepter, and Sword. The sword is the only exception, being a melee weapon, and it provides a few advantages for situations where you must be in close range. While Great Sword and Staff are two-handed weapons, both the scepter and sword can be used together with an offhand of your choice between: Sword, Focus, Pistol, and Torch. While each offhand brings something different to the table, they can be further grouped into offensive and defensive categories: offensive being sword and pistol while defensive include focus and torch.

    Special Ability: Illusions and Shatter
    The Mesmer’s unique ability is their use of illusions. Every weapon or pair of weapons in their arsenal includes the ability to summon one clone and one phantasm. In total the Mesmer is allowed to have three illusions in the world at any given time. Once summoned, illusions continue to attack the target they were summoned on until destroyed or the target dies. While in most situations you will want to stack all three illusions on the same target, it is possible to summon each illusion on a different target.

    The other side of a Mesmer’s special ability is called Shattering. These are your F1-F4 keys. When using these abilities, your illusions will run to the target and shatter. While you must sacrifice all current illusions to do this, each type of shatter does something different, and at times can be very benefitial.

    F1: Mind Wrack – Illusions run to target and shatter, damaging all nearby foes (damage increases with more illusions).

    F2: Cry of Frustration – Illusions run to target and apply confusion to all nearby foes (Confusion causes damage when target uses skills).

    F3: Diversion – Illusions run to target and apply daze on shatter, stacks in effectiveness with more illusions (Daze causes an interrupt and prevents skill use).

    F4: Distortion – Gain 1 second of distortion for each illusion shattered. (Distortion gives 100% evasion for the duration)

    Depending on your weapon selection, trait build and strategy, shatter may be a core mechanic that you use every fight, or possibly only used when absolutely necessary. Regardless, every Mesmer should learn to be comfortable with using each of these skills as to memorize the effects of each one as well as time them for when illusion abilities come off cooldown.

    As with every class, Mesmer has a large list of utility skills to choose from, and many are very situational. For ease of use, these skills can be broken down into 5 main categories: Glamour, Manipulation, Mantra Illusion, and Signet.

    (a full list of utility skills and what they do can be found here: http://wiki.guildwar...f_mesmer_skills)

    Glamour skills all involve placing ground targeted effects and all serve to either benefit you and your allies, hinder your opponents, or sometimes both. Some of the more notable glamour skills include Null field, which creates an area that rips buffs from enemies and conditions from allies, and Feedback, a bubble which reflects projectiles that hit it.

    Manipulation skills are a bit of a mixed bag as each skill does something entirely different. The best skill here, Arcane Thievery, allows you to swap conditions applied to you for your opponent’s boons, a very handy skill in PvP. Other skills can be very situational, such as Illusion of Life which allows all downed players in an area to get up and fight, granting a rally if they kill a target.

    Mantras are skills which must first be cast, preferably out of combat as they do have longer cast times, and can then be used instantly in a fight multiple times. The advantage here is that you essentially “load” spells and can add a controlled burst or condition when you want. Depending on the mantra you use, you can damage or daze your foe, gain stability, break stuns, or even remove conditions.

    Illusions are additional clones and phantasms you can summon to either rapidly increase your illusion count for a more powerful shatter or gain some support and give you some defensive advantage. For instance Phantasmal Defender redirects half the damage you take onto itself, giving the player an absorption shield for a limited time. On the other hand Decoy replaces the player with an illusion, giving you stealth to get out of a bad situation.

    Finally, as with every class, the Mesmer gets a slew of signet abilities. Signets all add a small passive bonus which can be sacrificed for a more powerful activated skill. Signets can be very situational, however Signet of Domination is one of the more likely you will be deciding on, giving improved condition damage and an activated stun.

    Elite Skills:
    To be quite honest, the elite skills do not feel anywhere near as powerful as some elite skills, such as Guardian and their tomes or Elementalist with tornado. This may be due in part to the fact that ArenaNet feels the Mesmer is much more of a support class, due to all the condition stacking, boon swapping and damage mitigation. Your Elite Skills are as follows:

    Mass Invisibility – All allies within 1200 range are granted stealth for 5 seconds

    Moa Morph – Turns a foe into a moa for the duration of 10 seconds

    Time Warp – place a ground targeted circle which grants quickness to allies that stand in it, the field lasts 10 seconds. (Quickness causes all skills and actions to be twice as fast)

    Each of these abilities is very situational and thus may need to be swapped on the fly depending on what you are doing. My recommendation would be: any form of keep/tower attack or defense, Time Warp will be very useful. For WvW roaming or sPvP, Mass Invisibility may prove to be more beneficial. This provides an extra method of escape in a bad situation or can be utilized to gain an element of surprise on the enemy. Finally, moa morph feels a bit weak as an elite skill. While it does make a player fairly useless for a good amount of time the player is still in control of their character and thus can get out of a focus fire situation allowing their team to reform quickly and attack again.

    Down... But Not Quite Done:
    Yeah it happens, you are bested in combat or simply outnumbered; however you are not out of the fight just yet. In your downed state you have 4 abilities to give you one last chance at making a comeback and thankfully the Mesmer skill set is one of the better ones in the game.

    Mind Blast – A basic damage spell that applies confusion to the target.

    Deception – Creates a downed clone of yourself and teleports you a short distance away granting stealth for a few seconds. Not quite the distance of thief’s shadow escape, but still pretty good skill to avoid a finisher.

    Phantasmal Rogue – Summons a Phantasm that deals 2x damage from behind. If ignored, this phantasm can do a ton of damage. Impressive for a downed ability, however it can die very fast.

    Bandage – Your basic call for help. Restores health while channeled.

    Picking your Playstyle:
    While weapon selection feels somewhat limited for this class, the Mesmer can actually pull off quite a few unique builds ranging from full on offense to full support, or even somewhere in the middle. They can also provide tons of unique abilities for their allies which can make them a huge asset in WvW. However, even with many options there are only 2 ways, regardless of your primary build, to maximize the potential with the Mesmer:

    The Shatterer:
    This is a Mesmer who uses their illusions mostly for the ability to blow them up, dealing extra conditions and damage. A Shatterer works best with both support and hybrid builds as it gives a needed burst of damage and utility to round out the build. While shattering isn’t always necessary, specifically if you are utilizing skills such as phantasmal defender or disenchanter, it should always be something added to your skills and always be on your mind to use.

    Maximum Phantasm:
    When traited correctly, phantasms can dish out some serious damage. A Phantasm build revolves around only using (or mostly using) phantasms rather than clones. Because of this you will be using your shatter abilities only in desperate situations or when it is possible to regain a clone and 2 phantasms rapidly. A phantasm build can be utilized as a hybrid Mesmer; however the more likely scenario is for a full offensive build.
    After you decide how you prefer to play, we can move on to weapon swapping.

    Weapon Swaps:
    Mesmer is possibly one of, if not the most reliant profession on weapon swapping in the game, due to their use, and somewhat dependency, of illusions. Thus your ability to comfortably switch weapons in combat and become familiar with all 10 weapon skills is essential. So deciding which weapons you are going to want to use is essential, so having a goal in mind on how you wish to play helps tremendously. Some examples include:

    Scepter+Focus / Staff – allows you stay at range and gives many utilities to apply conditions, defend yourself and allies, and even provide a way to catch enemies.

    Great Sword / Staff – switching to the great sword allows you to put out some consistent damage, summon a strong AoE phantasm, and even can give you some breathing room when needed. The staff can be used to assist the group with boons and apply conditions to foes.

    Sword+sword / Great Sword – While the sword+sword combination has issues, it does provide a unique benefit of strong melee damage on what is usually a caster class. Not recommended for WvW, however in small engagements, the S+S gives Cripple, immobilize, daze, and vulnerability conditions along with a 3 second onslaught, with an added bonus of distortion, that your foe would have to be crazy to stay within.

    There are quite a few more options for weapon swaps and it may take some time testing different combinations out to find what works best for you. For a full list of weapon skills you can check this website (http://wiki.guildwar...f_mesmer_skills).

    Utility Selection:
    This is probably one of the hardest choices to make and stick with as there are so many situational skills available to the Mesmer. For instance, Portal Entre can be used to quickly move allies from one area to another, in some situations this can allow for a Mesmer to setup an efficient rear attack, allow allies to escape from battle quickly or to move across the map with ease. However the portal only stays open for 1 minute so players must commit when the strategy is decided.
    While it is fairly easy to swap skills out of combat to arrange these situational events, what skills should be on your bar at all times? Again this is difficult and really comes down to the build you wish to play, however here is a list of examples:

    Null Field, Illusion of Life, Phantasmal Disenchanter, Decoy, Mantra of Distraction, Signet of Inspiration, Blink

    Shatter Heavy Build:
    Decoy, Mirror Images, Signet of Illusions

    Arcane Thievery, Null Field, Mimic, Feedback, Decoy, Phantasmal Defender, Signet of Domination

    Decoy, Arcane Thievery, Signet of Domination, Phantasmal Defender (For S+S builds), Blink

    Trait Selections:
    Traits are a doozy for every profession, and Mesmer is no different. Finding that perfect balance with the 70 points allotted can be fairly troublesome and your trait selections will vary drastically depending on the type of build you wish to make. While in the case of melee classes I would recommend paying attention to toughness and vitality, and for heavy offensive classes, precision and/or power… Mesmer is such a mixed bag that it is hard to make an argument towards any specific stat; also as of now I cannot find any solid evidence on which stats, if any, are actually transferred to your illusions and at what percentages. However there are some generalizations we can make based on traits available at each milestone.

    Adding points into Domination gives a flat +10 power (more damage) and 1% increased condition duration per point added. Obviously if you are working towards a more offensive build, this may be a good selection to invest points into, however I caution spending more than 20 points in this line as there is very little benefit from traits beyond this point. Useful traits in Domination include:

    I Mental Torment – 20% more damage on Mind Wrack (useful for shatter builds)

    III Empowered Illusions – Illusions inflict 15% more damage

    V Crippling Dissipation – Clones cause cripple when killed

    Beyond these, Domination traits are far too situational to be considered very useful.

    Points in Dueling will add a flat +10 Precision (critical chance) along with +1 Critical damage. Anything beyond 20 points can be a waste and is thus not recommended. Dueling provides some fairly nice additions, specifically if you wish to make a Phantasm build. For this, I can only recommend the following Traits:

    II Phantasm Fury – Gives Fury to Phantasms(+20% crit chance)

    VI Sharper Images – Illusions inflict bleeding on critical hits

    For any phantasm build, these are a must. Your phantasms now have a very good critical chance and the addition of the bleed condition to your bag of tricks. However, for non-phantasm builds there are still a few options available:

    IV Mantra Mastery – Mantra cooldowns are reduced by 20%

    V Desperate Decoy – Cloak and leave a clone at 25% health.

    VI I Empowering Mantras – Increased damage for each readied mantra

    I would only take the mantra traits if at least 2 of your skills are mantras (including your healing mantra).

    A very defensive trait, chaos adds +10 toughness and +1% boon duration per point spent. Chaos is very good for support builds has its uses for hybrids and can even be slightly helpful for melee builds. For support builds, up to 30 points can be allotted here, however for hybrid builds anything beyond 15 is pushing the limit as points are probably better spent else ware. For defensive builds I would recommend:

    III Master of Manipulation – 20% shorter cooldown on manipulation skills

    IV Illusionary Defense – 3% reduced damage for each illusion you have in the world

    V Debilitating Dissipation – Clones apply random condition on nearby foes when they are killed

    VII Mirror of Anguish – When disabled (stun,daze,knockback,knockdown,sink,float,fear,launch) you mirror the disable back to the source (cannot trigger more than once every 90 seconds)

    For any melee or phantasm oriented builds, I would only recommend taking Illusionary Defense, possibly Mirror of Anguish, as there isn’t much else that will help you out greatly.

    Another support heavy trait, Inspiration grants a bonus of +10 health and healing for each point spent. Again, if you wish to be a support Mesmer, you can take up to 30 points here. Inspiration is also very good for offensive builds up to 10 points, however beyond that is overkill and running into either hybrid territory or full support.

    For support builds, most of the traits are somewhat situational, but all are fairly beneficial, so go with what you feel is right. However in the case of offensive builds the only trait I would take would be:

    V Persisting Images – really only helpful for phantasm builds, this trait gives your phantasms 20% more health so they stay up longer.

    Your final trait line, Illusions provides a passive bonus of +10 condition damage along with +1% reduced cooldown on shatter skills per point spent here. The illusion line provides a stronger benefit for offensive builds, both for shattering and phantasms; thus points spent here would be to improve your offensive capability. Having said that a pure support build would find very little use spending points in illusions, however hybrids with more of an offensive focus may wish to invest into Illusions. If you are going to be relying heavily on your shatter abilities, then up to 30 points can be spent here, however if you are a phantasm user then you will want to stick to 20 or less. For shatter builds I recommend:

    IV Masterful Reflection – Distortion grants reflection (more useful if one of your primary weapons is sword)

    V Master of Misdirection – Confusion you inflict lasts 33% longer

    VI Illusionary Invigoration – Recharge all shatter skills at 50% health

    XI Illusionary Persona – Shattering illusions creates a shatter effect on you as well

    For any build using phantasms, the traits you will be looking to take include:

    III Compounding Power – 3% more damage for each active illusion

    X Phantasmal Haste – Phantasms have 20% faster skill recharge (this is a REQUIREMENT for phantasm builds)

    TLDR Trait Summary:
    If you are building for a pure support Mesmer, Chaos and Inspiration will be your primary traits to focus on, these can both be taken up to 30 points each, defensive traits can also be found early on in both domination and dueling for your final 10-20 points.

    For offensive builds you will want to focus on Domination, Dueling, and Illusions for abilities. However you must decide if you wish to be a shatter or phantasm Mesmer first as this will drastically change what traits are viable for you. 10-15 points can be taken into chaos and/or inspiration for some added defense.

    Hybrids are a mix bag and thus can spread around the points. Unfortunately this is fairly uncharted territory and thus I recommend you read through the abilities I recommend for every trait tree to find what sounds good and fits your style.

    Sample Builds:
    This part of the guide will be added to over time as develop and find more builds to test for the Mesmer, as of now here is a variation of an offensive build I am playing with.

    Balanced Phantasm Build:

    (Build and proof of concept:
    This build relies on the player using phantasms to their fullest potential. While the player still deals damage and conditions, The phantasms are the key component to the build and are the only way that this build works, thus you should only use clones when you have 0 illusions, and use them prior to summoning your phantasms so they will be replaced first.

    While placing 10 points in domination would add additional damage to your phantasms, taking these points into chaos and inspiration instead gives some much needed defensive boons that synergize very well. overall this build doesnt boost very high upfront damage, however over time you get your 3 phantasms out, it applies tons of damage over time to the target.

    With all that, we come to the end of this guide. Hopefully it was of some help to understanding this somewhat misunderstood profession. To be honest even I neglected the Mesmer since early beta weekends, and it wasn’t until I devoted many hours to understanding the class that I truly started to enjoy what the Mesmer has to offer.

    If you enjoyed this guide please like, comment, and share it with all your friends and on social media. Your feedback and viewership are what drive me to want to keep writing these kinds of guides and continue to improve them!
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    Ockiral got a reaction from Bardo in B4rdo's LoL app   
    Jacye Stop crushing dreams.
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    Ockiral got a reaction from D3monF0x in CeroBlast's LoL Application   
    Welcome to vVv Gaming! Enjoy your visits to our forum and our website. If you have any any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me or any of the vVv Staff members (easily recognized by their purple color in our shoutbox).

    We encourage you to fill out your personal profile, fill out your "about me" page in your forum profile and upload a personal photo.

    Many people that visit the website want to join the community and become vVv members. If you are interested in applying, please visit our application section: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/forum/785-applications-and-sponsorship-requests/

    We encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Also, become friends with us on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter! You can find all the links and info here: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=30300

    We also ask you to support our sponsors and affiliates. You can read how here: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=33166

    If you have any questions, please contact an available staff member, feel free to send me a Private Message through our forums or you can post here: http://vvv-gaming.com/forum/index.php?showforum=323

    Don't forget to checkout all the topics above the shoutbox. They contain important news and information.

    Again, Welcome!
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    Ockiral got a reaction from SinfulAce in SinfulAce's application   
    Hop into mumble sometime its a great way to meet members and get known in the community. If you have trouble joining or don't know how check this link out http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/56080-how-to-set-up-mumble/
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    Ockiral got a reaction from Beast- in vVv LoL Team playing eXe Tournament on May 12-13th   
    Good luck guys! I know you will do great!
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    Ockiral got a reaction from Aodan in GuildWars 2 Beta! Open For 48hrs :)   
    Signed up can't wait for this game.

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