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    New Orleans, LA
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    Mortal Kombat 9, Gears of War 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops,Super Street Fighter 4, Skull Girls and BlazBlue :)
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    Pizza Hot Pockets and Pizza rolls (:
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    Sweeny Todd, The Demon Barber on 4th Street and The Watchmen.
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    Screamo, Rock, Rap/Hip-Hop an Dubstep
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    Playing video games, Art and Designs, hanging out with friends and just being myself :)
  1. FTK_xMileena

    vVv App

    No, sir. I understand you perfectly.
  2. FTK_xMileena

    vVv App

    Just make it out to tournaments. Place high and do my best Thanks
  3. FTK_xMileena

    vVv App

    Woops lol thanks for reminding me
  4. Good luck on your app!
  5. Lol.... My Kabal is getting so good it's ridiculous. Flawlessing people over and over. Let's see what I can make happen at my first tournament ;)

  6. This is the stick I plan on getting. Dual-modded. Your thoughts?
  7. FTK_xMileena


    Wireless. I like my mobility an not knocking down my Xbox/PS3 when I rage.
  8. I just woke up. Does this mean I have to go back to sleep?
  9. Pretty much. Besides the stance/weapon switching, those two games are very similar.
  10. FTK_xMileena

    vVv App

    Lmao Can't wait, Zeph
  11. FTK_xMileena

    vVv App

    Fortunately both!
  12. FTK_xMileena

    vVv App

    Thanks Sleepy!
  13. FTK_xMileena

    Concerning vVv

    Good luck on your interview man!
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