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    I watch everything cause they are a good time spent
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    I listen to anything even if I do not always like it then never listen to it again if it sucked
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    Hanging out with friends. Getting through college with a good GPA. Fraternity Life. Playing sports anything but baseball and BB.
  1. I like the new process its better now that i have been around for awhile and know a lot of people. This week is midterms for me so i am really bogged with studying and work for those classes. But everything else is great!!
  2. I have changed my mindset about gaming and would really like to get into the competitive side of it and take was holding me back before because i kept jumping between consoles. I feel that vVv can help me achieve the competitive side of LoL i am looking for if it may be with vVv members or not. I did not think i would stick with vVv(mumble) for this long just because i always though of myself as a kind of "traveler" just because i did not stick to one game for very long but LoL changed that. I have made plenty of friends in vVv for the time i have been here and i really enjoy meeting the new people that come to the community. Hey welcome back Platt
  3. No, i am still taking classes but currently this semester they are a lighter than last semester because i am finishing all of my general class and I swapped to a buisness major. I was in Engineering which was taking all my time last semester with physics and calc.
  4. Endorsed by: vVv Torment vVv Engel vVv JayC vVv Ambush vVv ikilluforfun Ready for interview. Name: Andrew Age: 20 Location: Auburn, Alabama Summoner Name: Mephistosmark What is your current division in Ranked? Gold 5 Have you ever been banned in-game? If so, why? No and I plan to keep it that way! (It helps that I do not use all chat) What is your favorite champion and role? Why? Kassadin Mid lane. I feel that I have the most presence in mid and because Kassadin is a strong anti-mage. I also really enjoy playing taric support in solo queue because i have lane dominance most of the time. How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? I checked out vVv gaming over a year ago and planned to apply then but i got really busy with classes. Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How do you know them? I know just about everyone in the LoL division that comes on mumble daily because i have been around for awhile. I have also played a lot of games with most of them (inhouse games or normal). Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? I have been around for quite awhile and It just doesn't feel right if i don't log on to the mumble and talk with everyone while i play games (or atleast listen cause sometimes i just and listening to my music i just type instead of talking). Also I seem to get along with everyone (atleast from my perspective). What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? I play soccer and go to the gym quite often during the week and i enjoying playing MTG( card game) with friends. I enjoy listening to music all the time playing games, working out it doesn't matter it just makes everything better in my opinion. Do you have competitive tournament experience? Not with LoL but with games like Fifa and Guild wars i did. I have also done king of the summoners hill 2 times and placed 3rd once. Have you attended any national events? No because I either do not know when they are or I and just to busy from school. What do you hope to achieve, competitively? I hope that the team with Pherz, starman, misty and torment will go well and we can make it to Gold and hopefully Plat when we start playing more like a team,
  5. Mine is Olaf because he is the Dovakiin. Also fizz because he is just so hard to catch and has a shark!!
  6. playing with more of the community would be great mainly because i play with the same people every single day not that it is a bad thing just would lie to meet more people...^^ About the ARAB things make it on like saturdays or friday nights when most people are on.
  7. Try to set up ARAM and ARAB on weekends so people have time and when everyone is on and in a good mood.
  8. I will check u out for a game some time this weekend if u on.
  9. lol KS... its not a KS when u already fed ur carry 9 kills and u just wanna get some payment
  10. i hate playing against shen now its already the new flavor of the month.
  11. Manners go a long way period not just in elo hell. People are still pricks in 1400 elo plus no one trusts anyone. Also everyone hates on the last pick( lowest elo) it gets really annoying even though i carry them.
  12. Ya saturday would have been better. I liked the tourny though even though i didnt get to play DD because i lost to greenflow. I kinda wish they made it more bans also like 4 per person cause there are so many good 1 v1 champs
  13. I like GP crit plank its fun when u do half there HP in one shot. Or the more standard build with him... atmogs.
  14. aww one people should have stacked mana pots just to mess with the score screen.
  15. Its only ok if they made the shield a little more then i think it would be better but it can bait people. Also i think the range it gives the shield needs to be more cause not everyone is standing next to the support in a fight.

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