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  1. Yeah. I had my vaccinations today for the Army. And of course they drug me in when i'm all messed up. Lol Even though i did get a good pin on Soraka unintentionally lol.
  2. Inhouse was fun tonight. Even though i was completely oblivious to what was going on. Lol
  3. Just had a 20-6 Evelynn game. Lmao. I do miss the stun though. Hahaha.
  4. Yeah sucks the first match couldn't have went further but oh well. Was all in good fun. I'll be on tomorrow if more happen.
  5. Have to say my all time favorite from the early days is and always will be jax though. Lol
  6. Love playing AP Nidalee. The spears early game and the support heals and spotty damage at the end in team fights is just awesome.
  7. This would be a great idea.Would be a ton of streams going and it would bring a really good crowd. Looking forward to this as i'll be off saturday as well.
  8. When i play yi i usually jungle but i'm sure this will work for laning Cloth armor 5 Health pots Boots of speed Madreds Razor Berserkers grieves if you can. Merc treds or ninja tab is situational depending on if you're facing a heavy AP or AD team Zeal Wirggles Latern Youmuus Ghostblade Phantom dancer or dancers (if you want 2) I usually go 1+ Infinity Edge for bigger crits. Bloodthirster (optional) If you need to build a tanky YI you could always build him with Atmas Impaler or Warmogs or if you need more magic resist build a Force of Nature or if you're facing a heavy AD team you can go Thornmail with Atmas to piss them off.
  9. Saying that you cant compare TOR to WoW really isn't the issue. It's like saying you can't compare peanut butter to jelly. When it goes on the same sandwich. Same goes here. World of Warcraft is the juggernaut of the genre of MMOs which TOR falls into. So in the end you can compare it to WoW. Why? Because majority of people are looking for something that will fill their need better then what Blizzard is currently giving them. Or the opposite once you've played TOR for a while and haven't touched WoW if you're a 1st time MMO player. I myself have quit MMOs all together because neither have provided me with the gameplay i have wanted in an MMO and went back to playing MOBAs because 1) It's free and i enjoy it just as much. And 2) i'm not gonna stand in a faction city for months on end paying for it while waiting for GW2. Lol
  10. The changes to Lux put her in a more support position. I'm sure alot of people agree but with the vision grant to her ulti you can at least get better positioning in team fights. And Olaf. No reason he should be removed from game. Any good team can counter him. I just know he's my favorite and prolly the best 1v1 champion out alongside Warwick and keeps carries on their toes if he gets a really good farm. Which he always should.
  11. I'm actually more geared at changes to Olaf with this patch. Being able to drop having to build a more tanky Olaf for more AD is gonna make this guy an even better carry killer/street sweeper in fights and even better mid/late game. I'm also curious how Lux is going to play in now. And how players who favor lux will use her support/utility.
  12. I know alot of us in mumble play it. If you see RevokTV online. Chances are we are playing some CTF or 5 man arena. So if you log in mumble i'm sure we wouldn't mind throwing down.
  13. I honestly either listen to Five Finger Death Punch (Spend time away for the military and that's usually all they listen to in barracks lol) Johnny cash or anything retro. DnB is nice too. Monstercat is awesome.

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