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    Robin Alexander Persson
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    Sweden, Gothenburg
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    Gears of War 2
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    Many... but Watchmen and The Dark Knight are two of them
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    Band of Horses, Biffy Clyro, Fall out Boy
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    I like all kinds of sports, but my favorite is fotboll, I like gaming, haning with friends.
  1. Masked if you see this please go on msn I need to speak to you
  2. lawrence pls hopp on msn just for a min thx!

  3. hey lawrence when were we going to have that meeting? speak to me on msn if im on thx :D

  4. This is going to be a though one, zYn looks strong after all their practise but we hope to see LtZ come out even stronger!
  5. PRSON

    Bnk5d App GoW2

    good luck man
  6. Great interview, very good pick up in PuFF btw. Best of luck at Dallas!
  7. Good read. Would really like to see these guys do good at Dallas, especially with DA playing (Go EU). Best of luck!

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