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  1. @OGaming_TV @Sc2kerri Several people can vouch for me. Can I still sign up for Nationwars? 2/2

  2. Lilbow wouldn't beat Life even if he practiced. I don't blame him.

  3. Haha, everyone typing gg in twitch chat after Bob Ross finished a painting xD

  4. @ZhuGeLiangSc2 @NamsharSC2 is the hardest drug to quit. Stay strong

  5. RT @karnageesports: All four Karnage players make it to the playoffs of @Insomniafi ! Congratulations @PuPu_sc2 @NamsharSC2 @haapjari and @…

  6. @mYiZervas could kill some time watching namshar's stream o.o

  7. It is not easy doing 6x15 squats followed by 6x15 leg press at 06:00...

  8. @ECVScythe @ZhuGeLiangSc2 @Sc2Aligulac ZhugaLac

  9. Lotv prologue doesn't have the hotkey issue, but multiplayer has. Blizz please

  10. RT @karnageesports: Get hyped as @NamsharSC2 is online from the Gaming House in Helsinki currently playing @Sylvanas_sc2 Community Cup http…

  11. RT @karnageesports: Karnage @NamsharSC2​ is live with his first stream from the gaming house in Helsinki! https://t.co/dF7deziOEu https://t…

  12. Evire

    Evire's application

    I am sorry to say this but I want to close my app. I do not like advertising for others, and it is nothing I am going to do. Just having to add everyone on twitter was something I was shocked about in the start. I feel like people need to earn their followers.
  13. Evire

    Evire's application

    Now it is one more day before it has been two months since I signed up. And I would love to hear how my app is doing. Thanks
  14. Evire

    Evire's application

    It is more like soon. Have to finish my year at school here. Already into the California school system which means school start is around april or something

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